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Life Coaching

Life coaching is a self-induced change process an individual goes through with the help of a partner – a coach. The aim of life coaching is to help you work towards achieving what you want from life.

Here are the common reasons (globally) people engage a Coach for:

~ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study (2017), International Coach Federation, PWC


Coaching is proven to deliver positive outcomes:

~ ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study (2017), International Coach Federation, PWC

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What to Expect

Your coach will work intimately with you to establish positive, productive beliefs and behaviours (over negative self-limiting ones) that help you move forward in the area you crave a change. Discover what prevents you from getting what you want, and experience newfound clarity, strength and purpose.

Life coaching takes place through conversations with your coach – either face to face or over the phone.

These real, authentic conversations with your life coach is why coaching works wonders. Your relationship with your coach provides you a dedicated safe space to think aloud and examine what’s going on, which gets really tricky to do when Life demands your attention almost 24/7.

This space for yourself helps you to step back from Life… to restrategize Life! Some find it healing; others find it enlightening.

Our Life coaches are frequently engaged to help:


  • Find a job that you love
  • Manage your money better, or make more money
  • Deal with stress
  • Parenting goals
  • Achieve work-life balance
  • Communicate powerfully or public speaking
  • Improve relationships – friends, family, marriage
  • Build attraction and charisma
  • Get a promotion
  • Find a romantic partner
  • Create that dream lifestyle
  • To discover your passion and direction
  • To discover meaning and purpose in your life

What happens in life coaching conversations with your coach?


  • Self-reflection and self-inquiry
  • Awareness building of behaviours and motivations
  • Challenge notions and beliefs
  • Understand barriers you face
  • “Seeing” past the glass ceiling
  • Adopt new, better ways of doing things
  • Strategise and plan
  • Learn, create, brainstorm new approaches
  • Being accountable for actions and results
  • Acknowledging your strengths and achievements
  • Discover newfound passions, value, purpose

Engage a CCI Life Coach to work with you!

Our team has been coaching since 2004 and is highly experienced in working with people from all cultures, countries and backgrounds, across the many varied Life topics.

Get in touch with us and share with us where in your life you’d like a breakthrough in. Our friendly coach manager will get in touch with you to understand your situation, budget and needs. After which, we will propose a panel of coaches for you to consider. You will get to have a free chemistry session with the coaches whom you shortlist. Once you have selected your coach, you will kick off the coaching engagement.

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Tips for hiring a life coach:

  1. Ask for the coach’s credentials
  2. Ask for the coach to share examples of clients he/she has helped before
  3. Most life coaches are well-versed in handling general life topics, but ask if the coach has an area of expertise to offer – Is it finance? Communication? Motivation? Creativity? Family?
  4. Ask for the coach’s story – why did he/she choose to become a coach? What did he/she go through? Listen for traits and values you can relate to
  5. Read the coach’s testimonials on his/her profile page, or request an opportunity to speak to his/her clients to understand their experience of the coaching

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