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Coaching for Change (C4C) Program

Our C4C program is a ground-up initiative that brings the power of Coaching to the community. When you get coached by one of our Apprentice coaches, you not only create meaningful change in YOUR world, but you’re also creating meaningful change in THE world.


Has been donated to our local beneficiaries through CCI’s Coaching for Change program to date

What is It?

7 sessions over 14 weeks of Coaching
Your dedicated Apprentice Coach who runs alongside you to generate results you desire

How It Works

  1. Sign up (for free) with your details and a few ideas of the kind of change you want to make in your life
  2. Shortlist 2-3 Apprentice Coaches, meet them up for a Chemistry chit-chat session
  3. Select 1 Coach you’d like to work with. You get to choose 1 Coach per Change Project of your design
  4. Kick-off your 7 Coaching sessions with your Change Project blueprint and turn those ideas into actions and results!
  5. Appreciate your Apprentice Coach with a gratitude sum (S$) that gets fully donated to CCI’s beneficiary of choice

What Happens In Coaching Sessions With Your Coach?

  • Self-reflection and self-inquiry

  • Awareness building of behaviors and motivations

  • Challenge notions and beliefs

  • Bust through barriers you face

  • Get honest and objective feedback

  • Adopt new, better ways of doing things

  • Strategize and effective planning

  • Learn, create, brainstorm new approaches

  • Being accountable for actions and results

  • Acknowledging your strengths and achievements

  • Discover new found passions, value, purpose

Change Areas You Could Work On

Here are common areas people like you often witness results in from Coaching. Use this to help you generate some ideas for your own Change Project!

  • Find a job that you love
  • Get a promotion
  • Manage your money better, or make more money
  • Deal with stress
  • Achieve work-life balance
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Improve relationships – friends, family, marriage
  • Build attraction and charisma
  • Find a romantic partner
  • Create your dream lifestyle
  • Discover your passion and direction
  • Set up a business
  • Increase sales
  • Build or manage an effective team
  • Increase your management / leadership effectiveness
  • Increase personal gravitas and influence
  • Lose weight or gain weight; eat and exercise better
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Better manage your time; build disciplines
  • Start or quit a habit
  • Learn a new skill (e.g. public speaking, improve your memory, learn SEO etc.)
  • Improve mindfulness and spiritual fulfullment

The LIST is Endless..

At the beginning of 2017, I set a personal goal to create and publish a children’s illustration book. This book is meant for my baby girl as a life long gift and also a starting point for me to become a part-time children’s book illustrator. However, by Oct 2017, I had not even started on that project at all. I realized that I need a coach to 1) discover my blindspot, 2) push me to finish the project on time. The coaching journey with my Coach turned out to be an impressive one. I ended up finishing a book that I am pretty proud of by end of Dec 2017. It is even available for anyone to purchase on Amazon now!



Through the Coaching, I am able to sort out my responsibilities with my business partner, our job scopes and our relationship between us as partnership and us as a couple. This improved tremendously our relationship as Husband and Wife.

I engaged a Coach to help me with my challenges at work. In the coaching sessions, I could speak my mind and my Coach helped me explore into the truth of my challenges. Having this clarity gave me a clear idea of the immediate actions I needed to take, and what I needed to improve on instead of being lost and confused.


The personalized attention you get from your very own dedicated Coach helps you cut through clutter and shut out negative influences that hold you back from achieving those important goals! A coach is your undying support that’s needed in a world that sometimes seems to threaten our dreams and potential.

I strongly encourage you to join this program – this is your chance to engage a Coach, which high-level executives pay $500 – $800 per session for. Instead, you’re investing a fraction of that cost for a full 14 weeks of personal development. Go for it! You might just be surprised at the results you could achieve!

-LIN TAN, Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Who Can Join & Prerequisites

There is no pre-qualifications or prior coaching experience required, but these are important:

  • A strong personal reason and purpose to get coached
  • An open-mind and open-heart; a learner’s attitude
  • Willingness and desire to make a change in your life
  • Commitment to taking those actions and changes

The C4C Program Is Best For

  • Corporate Executives (Young executives, C-suites, HR, team leaders)

  • Hi-potentials and emerging leaders

  • Sales professionals and team leaders

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Fresh-graduates

  • Youth leaders, community leaders, project leaders

  • Parents

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