Coaching Webinars | Collective Change Institute

Coaching Webinars | Collective Change Institute

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on-demand coaching webinars

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Awaken the Coach Within

Learn what coaching is and find how out how you can use coaching in your personal and professional life for greater results!

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Secrets to Goal Setting with your Client

Learn the top 3 common mistakes that managers, leaders and coaches make during goal setting with their clients or team members

Your Coaching Business: Ready, Set, Go!

Learn what it’ll take to build up a thriving coaching practice. Debunk myths about running a successful coaching business. Identify a niche and craft a compelling elevator pitch that works for you. Find out what’s your #1 job as a business owner.

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How To Be A Great Coach

Learn how you can coach someone effectively by asking questions.

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Coaching MasterClass #1

Join Master Certified Coach Lin Tan for a 1 hour exclusive coaching masterclass. In this session, you will view “Live” coaching demonstration and decode the coaching session with Master Coach Lin on the approach, outcomes and pivotal points.

How to give Impactful Feed Forward with Coaching

Join Master Certified Coach Lin Tan and Global Leadership Coach Jim Livingstone for a demonstration on how coaching managers can give feed forward that results in impactful change.