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Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching | Collective Change Institute

Learn how to empower employees by finding ways to cope better and find joy amidst today's demanding work environment


Learn how to empower employees by finding ways to cope better and find joy amidst today's demanding work environment


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Why the need for coaching for Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching?

Most companies are working hard to create an enjoyable workplace for their employees. And while it started out with better offices and pantries and the occasional office party, ensuring employee morale and health goes beyond these. Employers can’t expect their people to work themselves into the ground while still producing results because free lunch is provided every day.

If you want employees to give their best at work, they need to be feeling their best. But employees these days are exhausted, overworked and burnt out from chasing never-ending datelines and demands that come in 24/7. Those working in global teams are working 15 hour days to accommodate time differences between teams. Priorities are skewed. Employees are not taking care of themselves enough.

As a result,

They simply cannot bring their A-game to their work, yet employers hope and expect employees and teams to be hyper-productive.

This is where corporate wellness coaches come in.

A corporate wellness coach supports employees in taking care of themselves in a way that matters to them – be it their fitness goals, work-life balance, self-care or resilience techniques, or pursuing personal interests that inspires new thinking and breathes new life into them.

Mindfulness and Wellness coaches typically have life coaching as a base skill set, with additional expertise layered on (for example, mindfulness, resilience, emotional management, physical and fitness training or coaching)

These coaches are not medically trained and do not coach in areas that require professional medical opinion. Neither are they dieticians or practicing psychologists.

How a CCI Wellness Coach helps

They simply cannot bring their A-game to their work, yet employers hope and expect employees and teams to be hyper-productive.

A typical coaching program consists of

Outcomes from working with a CCI Mindfulness or Wellness Coach include:

Case Studies

Financial Services Team

To establish a more bonded team who would find their groove all while having to adapt to the new business environment.

Leadership Team of an Educational Institute

To empower the leaders with greater self-awareness and determination reinforce leadership learning and self-led change and authenticity.

A Startup in Fund Raising Rounds

To realign the leadership team and improve the business performance.

Top Producing Agency Team

To create the team vision, obtain alignment and commitment of the leaders and ensure follow-through from the sessions into daily operations.

Our Testimonies

Hear from other organizational leaders about their partnership experience with CCI on similiar projects

It has been a pleasure to work with CCI. They were able to advise and guide us on the appropriate structure for the program to achieve our desired impact. The panel of coaches assembled was able to cater to our mix of staff from our different locations. The feedback from the sessions has been positive. Thanks to coaches and CCI, the program has been a success.

Desmond Seah

Head Group Finance Change Management and Talent Development (Banking)

The sessions were done in a professional manner and CCI trainers/coaches were able to explain the process and the expectations well to all participants. I also appreciate that the sessions flowed easily and seamlessly. The way or manner of CCI trainers/coaches approached the session helped participants to see different perspectives and anticipate what challenges will come.

Abdul Wahid

Head of Learning & Development (Shipping)

I really appreciate the way Lin Tan & Don tailored the program for my team of diverse background. Both of you made a great positive impact with my team. I’ve gotten very positive feedback from everyone. I sincerely thank both of you for turning my vision into reality!

Josalena Jorgy

Vice President Legal & Compliance for Asia Pacific, ALSTOM

Overall, the session was great! The energy from Eric was awesome (considering it was VC) and most participants found the training engaging. It was a pity we had to do so remotely

Wei Yi Ma

gTech Manager, Google

Testimonials from Coachees

This was my first time engaging an external coach. I started off skeptical but was quickly convinced otherwise from the first session.

Specifically, the conversations highlighted areas that I did not pay a lot of attention to in the past but turned out to be important. Overall, it was a great experience with very clear learnings.


Head of Marketing, Pacific Life RE

My coach and I discussed both the immediate and necessary changes I could make to improve my interactions with my colleagues as well as my longer-term career ambitions, motivations, and dreams.

I looked forward to each and every session and learned so much about myself through the process.

Country Manager

KERRY Ingredients

I learned more about myself during the 6 sessions I had with Desireee. Her ability to ask simple but profound questions allowed me insights into myself that I had not realised before.

The sessions were always open and calming, she never judged which allowed me to be myself without any qualms.


VP Finance-i, OCBC Al-Amin

Over the last 6 sessions of coaching, I have gained valuable insights on how I can bridge the internal challenges faced, to the solutions which I have in mind.

I was more effective in rationalising the challenges and come up with an action plan to work on these issues.



Emma is very attentive during our coaching sessions, and is always ready to provide a perspective to facilitate my self-learning / realisation.

This is extremely crucial in order to create an impetus for a drive to change from within. Emma readily shares her experiences so that I may relate and adapt.

Vice President

Group Finance - MRPA (OCBC)

Coach Cynthia was very positive, and provided opportunity to do self reflection, asked questions to facilitate reflection. The discussion helped with appreciating my own strengths better.

I am glad I chose Cynthia to be my coach. I am impressed how carefully she navigated through the discussion to facilitate reflection.

Susan Kottakkal Kizhakkethil George

Lead Allied Professional &Psychologist,MDS (RC)

Companies we have worked with

Our Coach Panel


Franck Johnson

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation Senior Partner, Recruitment industry Associate Executive Coach, Collective Change Institute


Lesz Sikorski

Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation Founder, LURN Pte Ltd Positive Intelligence Certified Associate Coach, Collective Change Institute


Harry Marshall

Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation Accredited Organisational Coach, Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership Brain-Based Coach, Neuroleadership Institute Hogan Assessments Certified ...


Desmond Seah

Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation Head, Group Finance Change & Talent Development Associate Executive Coach, Collective Change Institute


Darryl Loh

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation Associate Executive Coach, Collective Change Institute Certified DISC Human Behaviour Consultant Accredited Triple P (Parenting) Coach Certified Solution Brief ...


Emma Quentin

Associate Certified Coach, ICF (USA) Regional HR Director, Becton Dickinson and Co Club President & District Officer, Toastmasters International Associate Coach, Collective Change Institute


Helena Day

Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation Conversational Intelligence Certified (C-IQ) Narrative Coaching Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Yoga Alliance (RYT 200) Founder, HelenaRoseDay Associate Coach, Collective Change ...


Lai Han Sam

Professional CertifiedCoach, International CoachFederation Extended DISC ProfilePractitioner Program ManagementProfessional President (2018),ICF Singapore Chapter Founder, Lifework Global

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