Module 1: Person-Centric Coaching | Collective Change Institute

Module 1: Person-Centric Coaching | Collective Change Institute

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Advanced Coach Development Series:

Module 1:
Person-centric Coaching

This module introduces Profiling and Coaching Emotions, enabling you to listen, recognize and coach a person’s whole Being that pulsates beyond what’s presented on the surface. This ability is key in shifting a coach from an ACC to a PCC, and eventually an MCC.

Training Dates

20 Apr 2024 - 25 May 2024
19 Apr 2024
15 Hours
$ 1,613
In-Person and Online
Have at least 60 hours of ICF-approved training


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Topics Covered

Program Structure

I. 1 Day Intensive

The aim of the 1-day intensive is to immerse students into the experience of “coaching the person (PCC level), not the situation (ACC level)”. These 2 topics introduces new dimensions of a human being to listen to, relate to and acknowledge in the coaching process.

II. Supervision Session

Coaching supervision will support you in applying, integrating and reinforcing distinctions and techniques taught. Your supervisor will catch blind spots in your coaching and observations and provide precise feedback. It is a highly customized process that is adapted to your level and learning style.

III. Self-Directed Learning

Assignments related to the module will be issued to you to further anchor in what you’ve learnt through various means.

360 Faculty Support

CCI’s advanced coached development program supports your personal growth and development in coaching via multiple avenues


Our lead trainers lead the program training and they have at least 10 years of coach training experience and possess the qualifications and/or experience of an equivalent of a Master Certified Coach (MCC) or a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).


Supervisor coaches guide you and your small group during breakouts, practicums and self-work. They work closely with you to work on your techniques and execution. All supervisor coaches are minimally a certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the ICF.


An integral part of coach training is to practice coaching on clients. All our students gain access to our client body pool – who are ‘clients’ ready to work with coaches on their personal issues. This way, our coaches get to work with real clients and clock real-world experience and hours.

Our Value Proposition

CCI’s professional coach development program supports your personal growth and development in coaching with a multi-layered faculty.


CCI’s faculty of lead trainers and mentor coaches have a cumulative over 100 years of coaching and coach training experience since 2005. The professional coach development program has been conducted in Singapore and China.


Our student relations managers will be with you ever step of the way, ensuring that you are pacing well as the program progresses. They will assist you with materials, logistics, and assist you in the journey along the way.


We keep each cohort size small. This allows close supervision by our faculty , yet at the same time allows for optimal interaction and diversity. CCI boasts one of the lowest faculty-to-student ratio in the region and this ensures your progress and growth as a coach.

Our Testimonies

Hear what our students have to share about their experience.

Beyond the basics in PCD, having a simple framework on directions, energies and leans has definitely helped me be more rounded as a coach. Personally, this module has given me another set of language to describe my own leans and further increased my awareness of how these leans impact the way I make sense of the world as well as my clients.

Kristie Chen

This module allows me to know how I can connect better with my client. With a deeper understanding of how the directional model works, I am more conscious of remembering to ask questions that can move my client forward, and sometimes side by side with my client. This helps in shaping the questions I ask. I love how the intensive class was conducted, especially the live demo where we worked with XJ and our classmate.

Sheryn Yeo

This module helped remind me to coach the person and not the issue. It also helped me to quickly profile a client to help me in my coaching approach. The directional approach gave me a sense of perspective on how I as the coach was approaching the client. It helps the client also realise that while at all points I was journeying with them, I could approach them from different angles to draw deeper reflections and understanding of themselves.I felt the course was interesting, engaging and impactful. I drew many learning points and am still applying the learning in the coaching. Thanks, Xing Jian and Teng Ning!

Lorraine Kwek

Personal front, I was able to better understand how I connect/relate/understand external environment and people. As a coach, I had another breakthrough to better connect and partner with coachee, able to get through “not knowing what to coach” and getting past coachee’s “I don’t know”.

Veronica Loh

ACD challenges who I already am as a coach and as a person. It was an intensive journey and yet satisfying. It was deeply introspective, and yet liberating. It had help me to open up new avenues in my coaching approaches and lifted my overall experience when interacting with people as well.

Thank you to all faculty members who had used their expertise and their unique deliveries to challenge us to the next level of coaching! This is worth it!”


Business Owner

My decision to continue my learning as a professional coach with CCI taking part in the Advanced Coach Development Program was one my best decision for many reasons. Firstly, I have gained so much new insight about myself both as a person and as a coach. Secondly, the depth of the materials and advanced learning approaches, many interactions both F2F and Online with a smaller group of coaches on the path to our PCC, all with same intent, supported by best in class trainers, mentors and supervisors.

The ACD programs has not only helped me grow as a person, and at same time advanced me to a new level as a professional coach, is simply invaluable and has open many new doors that I would never have thought possible. Thank you CCI ACD Team!

PCD built in me the discipline of listening, ACD built in me the discipline of the ICF Core Competencies.
PCD taught me to ask effective questions, ACD taught me to ask effective and efficient questions.
PCD enabled me to hear and see the emotions, ACD enabled me to hear and see the unsaid.
PCD brought me to life coaching, ACD brought me to coach beyond life.
PCD made me a good coach, ACD made me a much better coach.

Executive Director

HR Practitioner

I had a great weekend! The Coaches were lovely. The best 2 days I’ve spent in a long time. One thing that I learnt was all the insights that I took away about Coaching, and that its easy to touch somebody’s life by just paying a bit more attention, and listening, and being there for them.

Desiree Tung​

Stephanie Lee

Emily Orcullo​

Chief Learning Officer

Jim Livingstone

Executive Director

Audie Ugalino

Coach Trainers

Program coaches lead the professional coach development program and also take on the role of mentor coaches.

Tan Teng Nging


Teng Nging has coached for more than 18 years with over 3000 hours of coaching experience. Her expertise lies in helping clients navigate uncertain situations in the workplace and in life, and turn situations of tension, challenge and complexity into synergistic opportunities and creative solutioning. Specially trained in Process-Oriented Psychology and Worldwork, she brings in concepts of Eldership and Deep Democracy to empower individuals amidst workplace dynamics of power, rank and communication. As a Reiss Profile® Master, she transforms diversity and difference within a group into opportunities for complementary collaboration.

Graduating with a Masters of Arts in Process Work (MAPW) from Process Work Institute (USA), she is a trained conflict facilitator and counsellor in transpersonal psychology.

Tan Xing Jian


Xing Jian is a life coach with over 13 years of experience. He started coaching in 2007, and in 2009, began training coaches.

He started his coaching journey in one of Asia’s largest coaching organisations where he honed his skills as a coach and coach trainer for 5 years, and as part of a management team, grew a body of coaches from 15 to 80 individuals in a few short years, with a quarter of these individuals going on to achieve their individual professional certifications with the International Coaching Federation.

Frequently asked questions

Participants should possess at least 60 hours of ICF-approved training from any ICF-approved coach training school.

The ACD program is suitable for anyone who is keen to bring your coaching to the next level.

Yes. The ACD program is open to all participants with some background in coaching. Participants should possess at least 60 hours of ICF-approved training from any ICF-approved coach training school.

PCC Fast-Track is only for coaches interested and committed to coaching at the ICF PCC level. This module consists of 10 hours of coaching labs and 4 hours of mentor coaching – with a focus on your coaching competency and bringing it up to the ‘PCC coaching standard’.

This is to allow the faculty to have a benchmark of your coaching standard at the start of your PCC journey. There is no assessment on the coach recording submitted.

If you have obtained a minimum of 125 training hours with CCI (along with 10 hours of mentoring hours), you are eligible to take CCI”s ACTP route. (i.e. you have taken both ACD and PCD programs) This means you will take the final assessment with CCI. Upon passing this assessment, you can simply submit your certificate to ICF during your PCC application. There is no further need to submit any coaching recording for your application.

If the 125 training hours you have obtained are from a combination of CCI’s ACD and other coach training schools, you are eligible to apply for your PCC under the ACSTH route. This means you will need to submit your coach recording to ICF for evaluation when applying for your PCC.

Person-Centric Coaching

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