Testimonies | Collective Change Institute

Testimonies | Collective Change Institute

Collective Change Institute is Asia's leading coach certification and professional coach development program.


What our Students Say

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Emily Orcullo

I’ve gone through another coach training course before for managers, but that was a lot on theory and behavioural psychology. I found the coach training offered by CCI to go much deeper. I’m glad to have the opportunity to go through this course.

Senior Business Manager


The weekend is very energetic! The environment was powerful and everyone stepped up to progress from listening, to learning from coaching and being coached. I learnt the power of empathy and active listening so that the client can open up and be truthful – not only to the Coach – but more importantly to him or herself.

The faculty team is very warm and knowledgeable. When I first met them during the intensive weekend, I found them to be so interactive, so helpful. I’ve never experienced a weekend training where the faculty to student ratio is 1:2. That’s AMAZING. Amazing effort put together to help us to learn.

I like the design of the program, particularly the triple-loop learning. There is awareness of what we are learning in the classroom session, followed by the interaction and deepening in the Supervision sessions, the Mentoring sessions and the peer practice. That is very dynamic, and reinforces the knowledge and skills we need to acquire to be a good Coach in the long term.

This program comes in really timely as I evolve my business. Having Mentors, Supervisor and my peers was interesting. It helped me unlock my own blind spots and overcome battles I didn’t know I had. As HR, I thought I had all the people skills, but there’s still a lot to learn. This journey has been a tremendous blessing to me, and I’ve enjoyed it very much.

Consulting Director

Client Success Manager

The coaches provide a safe environment for their students to learn how to be effective coaching. It feels as though we are all one team and working on one overarching goal which is to be the best coaches we can be.

What I like about the faculty her at CCI is that they don’t look at the program at the point of view of just training, but they use their coaching skills to coach us. They have a lot of expertise and knowledge. Typically they could’ve just looked at it as a training program and given us the material and the knowledge and say, “go do what you want with it”, but here, they use their coaching expertise to guide us to ask us questions that will help us find our answers and coach us along the way to become Coaches. That’s why I really like as opposed to many other training programs or courses that I have attended.

6 months ago, I came from a very ‘listening comprehension’ point of view – listen for facts, for what I could gather, or I was listening for the sake of an argument so that I could rebut or find a flow in what the other person was saying. Now, I listen to understand – where they are coming from and why they are saying what they are saying. Even in my conversation with my 6 year old, I used to listen to say “No” because he was just complaining. Now I ask myself “Why is he asking those questions? Why is he saying what he is saying?” This is the biggest change I’ve seen as a person.

As a byproduct, I’m learning a lot about myself with every coaching session, meeting people, understanding that their problems are very similar to mine, their fears are similar to mine.. and if I can help guide them to a better place, I’m sure I can help myself as well, and I’m on that journey to become a better person.

HR Director

Project Manager

It’s wonderful. I enjoyed myself. I can feel all the positive energy in the room from the students and trainers, that’s really amazing.

One thing I loved from the intensive weekend which I believe will make a difference in my life, is that in the process of facilitating other’s journey to their goal, I have to be truthful to myself first, to break down my barriers before I can help others break down theirs. This learning will stay with me for life.

I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to make a difference in their life, because it’s only when you’ve made a difference in your life then you can do so for others. Even if you’re not intending to be a Life coach, you can pick up very valuable life skills.

From my experience, the CCI faculty team really want you to succeed as a Coach. Their training support structure – for example providing you a Mentor Coach and a Supervisor Coach – allows you to develop in two different aspects of Coaching.

What I like best about this whole coaching experience is that I don’t feel like I’m here to just get another qualification at the end of the day. I get to develop as a person – to find out where my weaknesses are and to address it. At the same time, there’s a very strong CCI team at the back helping me along to succeed.

One change I’ve experienced in myself is: I realized that I’m a very fact-driven person. I listen out to facts (only) all the time. I found out during the program my one major weakness is the ability to listen to emotions. After the program, I’m now better able to listen to the emotions from my family and loved ones, which in turn allows me to create a more meaningful relationship with them.

Military Staff Officer


I joined the program with the intention to develop coaching and listening skills for my role at the workplace, yet what I got back was multi-fold. The coaching program by CCI was immensely rich, rigorous and rewarding. I gained a thorough appreciation and understanding of coaching.

The trainer was articulate and proficient in her expertise. I most enjoyed the experiential process of the classroom trainings, where we were presented case studies and had to ‘crack’ the case, while receiving ‘live’ feedback from the coaches and the client. The unique learning environment kept my interest piqued and it also accelerated my learning.

It was amazing to experience how much impact I could make, when my clients gained clarity and breakthroughs as a direct result of my coaching. I  am very satisfied with the program and I am surprised by the level of awareness and growth I have gotten for myself as a result.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone who has an interest in self-growth, leaders who want to vastly improve the way they lead and listen or aspiring coaches who want to make a difference in their work.

Thank you CCI for putting together this amazing program and do this transformational work of impacting lives

I decided to join the programme as I personally benefited and grew a lot thanks to life coaching. I wanted to learn these valuable skills to be able to help others explore their full potential.

The most important take-away for me was that I gained the knowledge and the confidence to envision myself as a coach after my certification.

What I enjoyed the most was the highly interactive sessions which were a mix of active reflection on the coaching process and a self-discovery at the same time.

The trainer has a high level of expertise with a very distinct style. I am grateful to her for letting us explore a lot and giving us valuable feedback to challenge our thinking process even further when we shared our experiences.

I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn the basic skills of coaching and more – not to become just ‘a coach’ – but a good coach!


Senior Financial Consultant

I enrolled into the CCI’s coach training programme because I wanted to learn how to value add to the people around me through powerful coaching skills and techniques.

The training I have received exceeded my expectations! I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive hands-on sessions between the trainer and fellow students. The trainer tailored the contents to fit the varied needs of the group. I love how the trainer was able to use layman terms to simplify coaching and how I am able to tap into her vast experience as a professional coach.

In the journey, I acquired profiling tools and mechanisms of common issues faced. What amazed me was I developed a keen sense of identifying what motivates and drives an individual intrinsically, and through that, brought my coaching to the next level.

My biggest takeaway was the integrated development of coaching skills and my own self growth.

I strongly recommend this programme for individuals who are open and willing to learn coaching skills and techniques while working on their own lives to become change catalysts for others.

Back in 2010, I first encountered what life coaching is about. It was one of the turning points in my life where I had to make a very difficult decision which I never thought possible. Life coaching impacted my life in more ways than one and thus, I knew that I wanted to be a life coach as well; to make a difference to someone else.

Through this course, I gained insights of who I am and got to know myself at a deeper level. I learnt to be open and to listen to another person at a deeper level and as such, helped the client to resolve issues that they have. The trainer is an expert in her field and it was interesting to hear her perspectives and how she would resolve a client’s issue.

I would recommend this workshop to people who wish to learn about what life coaching is about, how it can impact themselves and the people around them.