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Stories of Change | Collective Change Institute

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Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF), Senior Consultant & Executive Coach

My client has been very introverted and would prefer working on his own, often perceived as being isolated and too serious. Through coaching, he learnt to slowly open up and reach out to people, increasing frequency of interactions, building relationships at a deeper level by inviting people to join him for lunches. Through weeks of persistent efforts, he is now at ease and comfortable doing small talks and interacting with others. He also feels lighter, joyful and more engaged. Some of his colleagues who were skeptical of his ability to change were surprised and wonder what his new diet secret was!

My client was facing a difficult time at work after her boss left. She felt that she wasn’t aligned to the new boss and experienced him to be clinical, unfair and unforgiving.  She wasn’t confident in being able to work with him and felt that her decade-long career at the organization was a question mark. Through coaching, my client became more aware of her emotions, triggers and unspoken expectations of her new boss that led to the breakdown in this work relationship. She also got clarity in her next steps and uncovered a core limiting belief that she was unaware of. As a result, she achieved a breakthrough in her view of the relationship and now enjoys a positive and collaborative working relationship with her new boss – something she never believed was possible.

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF), Director

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF), French Lecturer

When I met my client, she was at a turning point in her life and was just starting a new teaching activity. She had only one class of 3 students at that time and she contacted me to help her in developing her business. After 6 weeks of coaching, she managed to grow her activity to the level she wanted it to be. She took steps on a business level, but also worked on her self-limitations and overcame them. She now runs 7 classes a week and has more than 50 students@ At the end, she shared with me that she was very proud of what she achieved and was ready to take further action to make a living out of it and call it a business!

My client has been shy her whole life – that’s 42 years of believing that she doesn’t have people skills. She came to me for coaching in a career change. She wasn’t confident that she could do it. As her coach, I believed 100% that there’s so much more to her than being shy and meek. With my unwavering faith in her, constant encouragement and tough love, she not only broke out of her shell to get a role in her first choice company, but by the end of her first week there, she got promoted to a leadership position. She was speechless.. and then elated, exclaiming never in her life would she have believed this was possible!

Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF), Mentor Coach & Trainer

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF), Business Development Executive

My client came to me because she wanted to give up her PHD studies. She was on the verge of succumbing to her parents’ pressure to be a “normal” daughter and did not see the purpose of continuing. Through our coaching, she discovered what she really wants in life, and decided to pursue her studies with a strong conviction, as well as improve the relationship with her parents. Seeing the change that coaching brought on, she started learning coaching as well and to her surprise, was able to help her friend resolve relationship issues with her friend’s dad! Coaching not only changed her life, but enables her to change others’ too.

My client had a hard time in his progress. Each week, he would share how he had no major breakthrough or new realization. I was patient with him and persevered. I did feel discouraged but I didn’t give up on him because this wasn’t about my disappointment – it was about my client gaining his transformation. I worked hard and sought different ways to help him gain deeper paradigm shift. Finally, in the 5th week, he “cracked” and since then, soared and did well in his projects. Later, he confessed to me that it was because I didn’t give up on him, that he didn’t give up on himself. He shared a story of how a camel, overwhelmed with carrying a load of baggage across the desert, collapsed only after someone placed a piece of tissue on its back. This analogy was about the stubborn camel finally giving way… to a piece of tissue. Similarly for him, his “stubbornness” finally gave way to my sincerity in forwarding his life. My willingness to be honest, genuine and going that extra mile to forward him created a fulfilling and rewarding coaching relationship.

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