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Collective Change Institute is Asia's leading coach certification and professional coach development program.

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Executive Coaching for Individuals & Teams

In today’s VUCA (volatile/uncertain/complex/ambiguous) business world, leaders are faced with the increasing need to manage and develop their people and teams to become adaptive, effective executives.

This requires their capability to influence and shift mindsets, behaviours and actions in the workplace. This isn’t easy, and most tend to tackle team issues at a functional, technical level as a result (often given they themselves are dealing with stress).

However, given that most leadership challenges are less ‘technical’ in nature and more ‘people’ in nature, it becomes pertinent that leaders and managers level- up in their people management skill sets and know how.

Coaching is proven to be the most effective intervention amongst other intervention approaches (mentoring, consulting, advising) and for good reason – it is proven over and again to impact the bottom line of the organization:

Executive Coaching Overview

Some of the common areas our Executive Coaches work with our clients on:

  • Building a synergistic and effective team
  • Getting along with peers and bosses
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Driving results and productivity
  • Managing a change of business direction
  • Leading amidst culture and diversity
  • Developing business strategies and innovation
  • Improving sales pitch and sales performance
  • Handling an existing team conflict
  • Dealing with high-stress levels
  • Managing more effectively
  • Speaking persuasively

What happens in a coaching session that is able to cause deep, sustainable shifts?

  • Unraveling deep behavioural insights
  • Increasing self-awareness/mindfulness
  • Action learning
  • A sounding board for strategising
  • Honest, objective feedback
  • Performance accountability
  • New creative ideas
  • Emotional support for big changes or long races

Executive Coaching Process

Upon understanding your initial brief, a CCI account executive and the coach team will work closely with you to ensure your engagement outcomes are clearly defined and successfully achieved. The project requirements will determine the period of coaching, coach capabilities needed and the coaching approach.

We often involve the sponsor and the HR in the creation and tracking process.  As a commitment to the quality of our coaching, we are one of the only coaching company to incorporate an ROI (return-on-investment) approach into the coaching engagement.

Our Coaching Team has been trusted by:

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Engage CCI for your executive coaching needs

Our team has been coaching since 2004 and is highly experienced in working with executives and leaders across all levels.

Here’s what to expect when you engage an Executive Coach through CCI

  1. An initial consult with our friendly coach manager who is also a trained coach
  2. Clarity and shaping of your coaching needs, objective and a plan shaped with your organization’s budget in mind
  3. A carefully curated panel of coaches presented to you
  4. A complimentary chemistry session with 2 coaches you shortlist
  5. Reliability and timely communication with our coach manager should you face challenges in the coaching partnership
  6. Remedial options should the coach-client matching need to change
  7. Transparency and assurance of package rates, and access to a range of development tools if needed for your coaching

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Meet our Coaches

Our team has been coaching and training since 2003 and is highly experienced in working with Executives and Leaders across all levels.

Collectively, we have served numerous delighted corporate clients across a wide range of business sectors, across the regions and languages, and delivered thousands of hours of executive, leadership and team coaching

The team comes from an international background – from Singapore, China, UK, Middle East, Japan, France, Philippines – bringing rich perspectives and experiences in our work with individuals hailing from different cultures.

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Learn how Coaching can impact your Organisation

“Organizations with strong coaching cultures indicate recent revenues above that of their industry peer group (46% compared to 39% of other responding organizations) and report higher employee engagement (61% and 53%, respectively).”

~ Building a Coaching Culture with Millienial Leaders (2017), International Coach Federation & Human Capital Institute

“A (2012) global survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre found that the mean Return on Investment in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported a stunning ROI of 10 to 49 times the cost.”

An executive coach is best at understanding of how people, relationships and behavioural change work in an organisation and is trained to quickly grasp your situation. The coach works intimately with the Executive or Leader to challenge assumptions and choices, and call forth practical ideas that he/she can be held accountable to implement.

Here are common outcomes from working with an Executive Coach:

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