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Collective Change Institute is Asia's leading coach certification and professional coach development program.

Corporate Training

Traditionally, coaching has been a powerful developmental tool reserved for executives. As more leaders see the power of coaching for optimized performance and higher engagement, organisations seek avenues to expand the benefits of coaching across to all employees. Hiring external coach practitioners to deliver personalised coaching organization-wide might put pressure on training budgets – this is where training managers in coaching skills becomes a cost-effective, sustainable option. Developing in-house capabilities helps to build a coaching culture, which ensures sustainability and perpetuation of skills skills across the levels. It puts the power, ability and ownership of people development into the hands of the leader to unleash their people’s potential to drive business success.

At CCI, our highly experience team of certified Coach-trainers are able to equip your leaders and managers in coaching skill sets that enable them to have effective coaching conversations in the workplace that focuses on increasing engagement, adaptability and performance.

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Introducing “The Coaching Leader“

As management styles evolve, today’s workforce don’t want “bosses.” Instead, they want “coaches” who can help them reach career development goals. The preferred management style is moving from command and control to a new style based on inclusion, involvement, and participation. ‘Top-down’ management styles don’t encourage engagement and creative-solutioning that today’s businesses need to navigate the rapidly-changing environment.

Coaching is proven to deliver results in both engagement and business performance. Imagine handing that power over to your leaders who are in the position to hold coaching conversations all year round (and not just during review periods). Now, instead of relying solely on external coach practitioners, your workplace will be alive with ‘enabling conversations’ aimed at empowering each employee’s capabilities and ideas.

Organizations with strong coaching cultures indicate recent revenues above that of their industry peer group (46% compared to 39% of other responding organizations) and report higher employee engagement (61% and 53%, respectively).

~ Building a Coaching Culture with Millienial Leaders (2017), International Coach Federation & Human Capital Institute

In our work with corporates and senior leaders, we’ve found that leaders are either not having ENOUGH conversations with their people, or, not having the RIGHT conversations with their people. The solution is enabling your leaders to have the courage and the capability to intervene with these crucial conversations.

In order to develop “Coaching Leaders”, we have developed a Coaching Conversation series that is relevant to managers and leaders across the different business units and levels.

Some series topics include:

  • Coaching Conversations to forge teams: Managers will develop coaching skill sets and know-how used for building and bonding their team’s interpersonal relationships. These coaching conversations can be used to coach individuals, handle disagreements, mediate, as well as in daily conversations to foster healthy working partnerships.
  • Coaching Conversations to enable performance: Managers will develop coaching skill sets and know-how in boosting performance and breaking glass ceilings. Conversation tools include giving feedback, delegation, empowering learning, challenging ways and ideas, and increasing engagement.
  • Coaching Conversations for partnering stakeholders: Managers will learn how to use collaborative approaches to re-position themselves as a partner to their stakeholders. Conversation tools can be adapted to various situations like sales and consultation, ideation, conflict management, project management and troubleshooting scenarios.

… and many more.

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Beyond skill sets and techniques, our programs plant the seed for a vibrant coaching culture in your organization. We move beyond 1-day type training workshops that doesn’t allow for a precise and relevant intervention. Some of our approaches include learning circles, leader-led learning, mastermind groups, action-learning, peer coaching, supervision and mentoring. We further support with materials, media, resources, an online learning platform and a highly dedicated team of coaches and trainers.

Very often, a development program includes executive coaching as well to support your leaders on a 1-on-1 level. This has proven to make a difference in how much your leaders become an advocate for coaching.

Our coaches and trainers will work closely with you to understand your engagement outcomes and design a customized approach.

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