Webinar Awaken the Coach Within | Collective Change Institute

Webinar Awaken the Coach Within | Collective Change Institute

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Coaching in Leadership: 3 Key Steps to Building an Inclusive Team that Delivers Results

In this webinar, Master Certified Coach Jada Seet will share practical strategies for developing your leadership skills and building a high-performing team.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Who should attend this webinar?

Any manager or leader who wants to become a more impactful and effective leader.

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Jada Seet


Coaching since 2007, Jada is a Master Certified Coach with over 2500 hours of coaching experience with individuals, leaders and startups. She specializes in coaching and training individuals on developing emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills that empower them to build meaningful connection, influence and relationships in their professional and personal life. In recent years, with a desire to create a bigger impact of change, Jada channels her energy towards training and mentoring aspiring coaches and coaching leaders.

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