Lesson 1: The Bigger Picture | Collective Change Institute

Lesson 1: The Bigger Picture | Collective Change Institute

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Lesson 1: The Bigger Picture

Lesson Description

Welcome to the online Coaching Manager program! Designed for People Leaders to learn the knowledge, mindset, skills and tools to start coaching in your workplace!

In this episode…
Lin kicks off with the bigger picture of why coaching leaders are important for the future of the workplace.

On top of your personal reasons, here’s an important reason for learning coaching skills for use in the workplace.

1) The world is changing at lightning speed.
2) This affects the way businesses are run and organized.
3) It influences the way leaders need to step up and be seen in the way that they lead their people.
4) It has implications for employees who don’t adapt fast enough. We operate within a volatile, uncertain, complex, and sometimes ambiguous environment.

And this presents challenges to teams and leaders.

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Becoming a Coaching Leader

This module links the larger landscape to coaching to give you a clear and powerful idea of where coaching comes in, and the difference that you will make as a coaching leader.

Lesson 1: The Bigger Picture