Mentoring Program For ICF Coaches -

Mentoring Program For ICF Coaches -

Mentoring Program For ICF Coaches

Mentoring Program for Icf Coaches Engage a PCC mentor to support in your professional coach development & obtain 10 hours […]

Collective Change Institute
Collective Change Institute
February 28, 2022

Mentoring Program for Icf Coaches

Engage a PCC mentor to support in your professional coach development & obtain 10 hours of mentoring for your ICF credentialing

Training Dates

Open all year round
10 Mentor Hours
Blended Mentoring:
Starts on 5 Aug 2022
Individual Mentoring:
Open all year round
$2,600 - $3,000
Blended Mentoring (10 hrs): $2,600
Individual Mentoring (10 hrs): $3,000
In-Person and Online


CCI offers ICF-aligned mentoring that supports your development as a coach in the following areas:

Who is the mentoring program for?

*As part of the credentialing or renewal requirements, ICF requires applicants to obtain 10 hours of mentor coaching with an eligible Mentor Coach over a minimum of three months

PROGRAM Structure

There are 2 formats available of mentoring programs available:

Individual Mentoring (10 Hours)

  • 10 Hours of 1:1 Mentoring

  • 1:1 mentoring sessions are arranged directly with mentor

  • Program Duration: Up to 1 year from sign up

  • Mentoring Fee: $3,000

*For ICF credentialing and renewal purposes, mentoring period must be no less than 3 months

Blended Mentoring (10 Hours)

  • 6 Hours of 1:1 Mentoring

  • 4 Hours of Group Mentoring (up to 6 pax per group)

  • Group sessions are organised by the group

  • 1:1 mentoring sessions are arranged directly with mentor

  • Program Duration: Up to 1 year from sign up

  • Mentoring Fee: $2,600

*For ICF credentialing and renewal purposes, mentoring period must be no less than 3 months

Our Mentoring Approach

All our PCC Mentors have been coaching and training since 2008, and are currently actively mentoring within our ACTP program, with deep familiarity with the ICF Core Competencies and PCC markers.

CCI Faculty are guided by the following principles:

1. Professional integrity is top priority – our ethics and professional behaviours are governed by the International Coaching Federation’s Code Of Ethics.

2. Being open, flexible and creative in order to applying approaches that work for the Mentee, while using the advantages of our own coaching styles.

3. Collaborative relationships – setting up a working relationship where ownership, interest and alignment is present between both Mentor and Mentee, with a commitment to working through concerns

What's Next?

  1. Confirm your interest in engaging a CCI Mentor and inform us of your choice of up to 2 Mentors to have chemistry calls with.
  2. The Mentors will contact you for a chemistry chat of 20 minutes.
  3. Notify us your choice of Mentor. 
  4. Complete payment for Mentoring package. Your mentor will reach out to you for your first session.
  5. Upon completion you will obtain an official letter to submit for your ICF credential application.

Coach Mentors

Tan Teng Nging

Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF)
Reiss Profile Master (IDS)
Process Work Associate (Process Work Institute)
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) Founder, Wonderfullpeople...

Lim Pei Ying

Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF)
Certified Finance Analyst,CFS institute Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, APAC & MEA
Director of Talent Development, Collective Change Institute Associate Coach &...

Jada Seet

Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF)
Executive Committee Member, ICF Singapore Founder,
Just EnjoyLife Coach ,
Fleek Image,
Parkor Pte Ltd Associate Coach & Coach Supervisor Collective...

Tan Xing Jian

Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF)
Founder & Communication Strategist, STARCHY
Associate Coach, Coach Trainer & Mentor, Collective Change Institute

Eugene Sim

Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF)
Digital Advisor, NUS
Global Alumni Co-Founder, Conversion Hub
Director of Partnerships, Collective Change Institute
Associate Coach & Coach Trainer, Collective Change...

Our Testimonies

Hear what our students have to share about their experience.

Sumit Nurpuri

Teng Nging's client

Teng Nging was my mentor for the Professional Coach Development program and I benefitted tremendously from her guidance, both as instruction for the Coaching process, skills and techniques but also for development as a Coach in my personal context - how to leverage my strengths, and work on areas of improvement. Teng Nging brought her knowledge and experience to our mentoring sessions, along with her gentle manner and quiet perspicacity, which made the learning experience both pleasant and effective.

I would strongly recommend Teng Nging, whether as a Mentor for aspiring coaches or for clients.


Pei Ying’s client

I met Peiying as she was my mentor coach in the coach training program of CCI. Peiying is an extremely effective coach. Her candid and direct style enabled us to cut through to my key issues very quickly. I appreciate that she was also able to draw parallels from the different stories I shared with her and reflect it back to me. This enabled me to gain a lot more clarity about myself and greatly broadened my perspectives.

I highly recommend Peiying as a coach and am very thankful to have her as mine.

Shaila Alam

Xing Jian's client

When I chose Xing Jian as my mentor from CCI, I was listening to my gut. It felt as if XI would be the right fit for me and he was. His matter-of-fact and pragmatic approach to mentoring and coaching techniques, as well as being a world of support when graduation didn't take place as planned (due to the pandemic), was just what I need as a coach-in-training. I have learned a lot from just listening to XJ and the value addition beyond the curriculum has been immense.

Even though the official and formal relationship is over, I hope XJ will always remain as my coaching mentor and friend.

Nicky Tay

Jada Seet's client

Jada has been a very supportive and discerning mentor. She practices that which she preaches as a faculty member and mentor, exemplary in her conduct and role. She readily shared her expertise and knowledge, understanding and accepting me where I was at each stage of my professional development.

She gave honest and constructive feedback always with a growth mindset and encouraging the same in me. Thank you Jada.

Abdul Wahid Yahya

Teng Nging's client

Teng Nging brings with her a wealth of humanity as a mentor and a coach. She mentored me while I was doing my coaching certification training and with her deep knowledge in the field of coaching and her natural ability to share her expertise in a pleasant and comprehensible manner, I have learnt the "dance" of coaching. Although she mentored me officially for a period of 6 months - she will always be my mentor. I strongly recommend Teng Nging as a professional that you can learn a lot from.


Pei Ying’s client

Pei Ying was my mentor coach during my Professional Coach Development program with Collective Change Institute. As a mentor, she was approachable and easy to talk to. She is analytical and sincere in her guidance. Providing feedback and actionable insights to challenge my coaching. She is passionate about coaching and the developments of coaches, I am indeed grateful to have her as my mentor. I am looking forward to further collaborations with her on coaching development in the workplace.

Grace Teoh

Xing Jian's client

Honest, direct, and vividly put feedback such that you absolutely get it -- that's what you can expect from Xing Jian.

When I brought coaching challenges to our mentoring sessions, I enjoyed his straight-talking manner and how he's able to quickly put his finger on the issue, pin down the crux of it, and guide me on how to navigate out of it. Sometimes it was about the technical how-to steps, but other times and what I found most encouraging), it was the insights into how it feels as a coach and the perspectives that we can take to support ourselves and our clients whenever we hit a wall.

Each session with XJ addressed my real-world coaching challenges and contributed to building my confidence and savviness in coaching. Thank you XJ for helping to shorten a bit of my learning curve when I started my coaching journey!

Anna Calini

Jada Seet's client

I chose Jada as my mentor because her authenticity and professionalism stood out right from the beginning of the program. All mentoring sessions with her were precious and invaluable opportunities to improve my coaching skills through her accurate and insightful comments always delivered in an encouraging and kind way. As a great coach like she is, I have always felt listened to and comfortable in openly sharing everything I was going through during my PCD journey. Thank you, Jada!.

Emily Orcullo

Teng Nging's client

Teng Nging has been a great mentor of mine in the Professional Coaching Development program under CCI. She has helped me overcome my early challenges in dealing with emotional clients and in a short time, I have gained confidence. I appreciate a lot how generous Teng Nging is in sharing her tips for new coaches like me She comes with a lot of experience and passion on how coaching can truly be transformational to people.


Pei Ying’s client

Pei Ying was my mentor coach during my Professional Coach Development program with Collective Change Institute. I choose her because I was looking for someone who comes across authentic, has corporate & coaching background and comes across sincere about being a mentor. I am so glad I had her as my mentor!

Ai Chin Chiew

Jada Seet's client

Jada has been an amazing mentor to me. Her kindness, willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I've learned from. Our mentoring sessions were fun, engaging and inspiring. Beyond that, her big heart for people and the passion to be a catalyst to spread coaching across Asia truly inspired me.

I would highly recommend Jada as your mentor and friend throughout your coaching journey.


Jada Seet’s client

It was a big stroke of good fortune to have Jada Seet assigned to me to be my coaching mentor for the 2020 PCD Program . Jada knew just how to combine her pleasant nature and respectful warm personality with her demand for high standards to bring out the best in me.

I recall a piece of coaching work that I had done earlier in the program and how confident I was about it when I submitted it to Jada.

Jada gave me constructive feedback in such a kind way, without diluting the message that I had missed a major point which was establishing the coaching objective!

Now I am a pro even though I still hear Jada’s voice in my head sometimes, ensuring that I establish the coaching objective

Thank you Jada.

Beyond having been my PCD mentor, you are such a good person!

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