Life After PCD – Mai Rouveure -

Life After PCD – Mai Rouveure -

February 24, 2020by collective-admin

Life After PCD – Mai Rouveure

Collective Change Institute
Collective Change Institute
February 24, 2020

Mai had been a marketing maven in the corporate world for most of her working life. However, when she saw herself having to move, work, and live in different countries more frequently, a new idea began to take root in her mind. She decided to take the leap and embark on her journey of entrepreneurship by setting up her own coaching practice – MAI LIFE COACH.

Hi Mai, it’s been a pretty long while since we last chatted. We’re quite excited to have this chance to catch up with you! So, what are some of the significant personal/professional changes in your life since PCD?

I would say the biggest change was both a professional and personal one – becoming a business owner. Grabbing hold of that momentum during and after the course to fuel my building of my coaching practice has been a very exciting, insightful and fulfilling process.

What was the biggest/most important lesson you learned about yourself after learning/practising coaching?

It’s hard to say what was ‘biggest’ or ‘most important’. I think if I had to highlight something, it would have to be my personal level of self-awareness, which increased so much. I see how I have stopped second-guessing others and I am now more objective and calmer when I interact with people.

What are some challenges you are experiencing in your life right now and how are you working on them?

Right now, I would say it’s about increasing the marketing efforts of my coaching practice. I have signed up for a marketing program that should be able to support me as I roll out my different strategies.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering taking on coaching as a skill for themselves?

I would say you should take stock and then take advantage of the resources you have to support you; especially if you are planning to start a business. For example, I made sure I used the drive naturally generated by being part of the PCD program back then to really push me to register and launch my business.

What are some of the exciting plans you have for yourself in the near future?

I will be focussing on my ‘expat coaching’ service to help expatriates and/or partners who might need support settling into a new country.