Shena Tng | Collective Change Institute

Shena Tng | Collective Change Institute

Empathetic listener and passionate motivator with over 12 years of cross-discipline experiences in public & private service, start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Shena Tng

Empathetic listener and passionate motivator with over 12 years of cross-discipline experiences in public & private service, start-ups and entrepreneurship.


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English and Chinese

Professional Background

Shena started her professional life first in Education, where she was a secondary school key personnel in the Student Development Team. The role required her to manage a team of experienced teachers to head, plan and organised large-scale school-wide activities and directly reporting to school leaders and management committee.

Her strong ability to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities eventually drew her to the world of freelance travel management, where as a Projects Manager for school trips and M.I.C.E, she would plan and organise mid-big scale overseas trips and events for schools and corporate companies. This requires her to simultaneously coordinate with many different vendors to cater to all her clients’ needs and demands within a short project fulfilment period.

Despite her busy workload, she managed to be internationally certified as a Feng Shui Practitioner and single-handedly set-up her own e-commerce website selling Feng Shui products and services. Her expertise and successful website soon attracted keen investors to scale the business, but she pulled the plug and decided to take on the role of marketing manager in a local start-up to learn more about business management.

Through her experiences, she rediscovered her passion for motivating and inspiring individuals, hence she is now doing part-time teaching in a secondary school while honing her skills to become a full time coach.

Coaching Specialty

Shena helps working professionals uncover and harness their natural talents so that they can find their purpose & unleash their fullest potential to achieve success and fulfilment in their career, relationships & life.

Shena is also very passionate in helping professionals who feel demeaned, undervalued and overworked build the courage to seek change and move forward with more ease and confidence.

Personal Background

A passionate and driven individual, Shena continuously seek for self-improvements and ways to enrich her life experiences. She often finds herself to be the pioneer of her peers, be it the success and struggles in work progression, entrepreneurship, relationships and life event, as she always the one who has “been there, done that”. This helps her to better relate and empathise with people with shared experiences or those who are currently in some of this themselves.

Shena looks to achieve inner and outer alignment through meditation and journaling. During her down time, she loves food too much and loves to simplify recipes to make her favourite dishes. She is also in a loving marriage with her boyfriend of 7 years and husband of 6 years and are pawrents to the cutest 1-year old fluffy corgi.

Coaching Style

An empathetic listener, Shena seeks to provide a safe, empowering and non-judgemental environment for coachees to declutter their brain and emotional fog to achieve clarity of thought and certainty. Her approach is non-confrontational, direct but not blunt, and she is mindful and sensitive towards each person’s emotions.

Personal Philosophy

Everyone deserves a world filled with love, joy, abundance fulfilment and growth. It is okay to live a life that others do not understand.