Ng Ging Meng | Collective Change Institute

Ng Ging Meng | Collective Change Institute

Empowerment, Strategic, Optimistic, Encourager, People-Centric are how people describe about me, I am a passionate individual who constantly seeks for breakthrough in his work and personal life. More than 15 years of Project Management experiences, Ging Meng loves to engage and interact with people from various cultural diversity, addressing common objectives and ensuring success of project. Open communication, constantly implementing coaching culture in the current leadership role, witnesses the transformation of individual to unleash their full potential in personal growth, extremely enjoying the transformation process. Highly sensitive to individual needs, tailoring coaching style to fit accordingly, result & future oriented.

Ng Ging Meng

– Relax, Active Listening, Candid, Patient, “Tailored-made“ to individual needs are my key coaching styles.
– Strong believer in creating impact for individual to uncover truth and reach the fullest potential through self realization.
– Highly motivated professional in MNC, passionate about technology to save our planet from climate change.
– A daddy with 2 active boys, love Chinese Calligraphy and Feng Shui.


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English, Chinese

Professional Background

– 15 years experience in innovation, technological driven domain (sustainability solutions), professionally trained in Project Management in MNC.
– Started my career from technology development individual to leadership role of > 20 technology professional to strive for excellence, creating solutions to change people life and mitigate climate change to save of planet.
– Recognized as Industry Advisory Panel for Nanyang Technological University Career & Attachment Office (NTU CAO) to support future talent development.

Coaching Specialty

– Professional Career Development
– Personal Growth, Performance Coaching
– Project Management
– Identify, Purpose and Well-being
– Tailoring to individual needs, flexible

Personal Background

– I enjoy playing badminton, practicing Chinese Calligraphy, reading Feng Shui related books, and of course COACHING!
– I enjoy the mental calmness and steadiness that both writing Chinese Calligraphy and reading Feng Shui case-studies bring. I watch most of the badminton games playback for the players whom i supported.
– I spent my time in Malaysia, Singapore and Germany, enjoying and excited when talking with people from different
background and culture.
– I am very curious about how individual approach and think differently on a same subject matter, I am excited to see transformation of individual who found their own truth and reached the fullest potential.

Coaching Style

– Relax & Active Listening
– Patient & Empowerment
– Openness & Trust
– Direct & Candid

Personal Philosophy

– You only live once, you navigate your own goal
– Be persistent, everything in the world has its own order