Gilbert Yeo | Collective Change Institute

Gilbert Yeo | Collective Change Institute

- Journeying through life to refine and better express my purpose - Heart for helping others grow - Great at holding space in conversations

Gilbert Yeo

– Journeying through life to refine and better express my purpose
– Heart for helping others grow
– Great at holding space in conversations

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Professional Background

Gilbert has experiences in a start-up and social service environment.
He has 8 years of experience in the social services. Several years were spent supporting divorcing families with children through counselling and running programmes. A few years more were on volunteer management and community engagement at a Volunteer Centre and supporting the creation and implementation of KidsCount@Woodlands. He then end off with a shorter stint at a family service centre.

He had sought to enter the social enterprise space by tackling the issue of loneliness through improving friendship by starting Friends Exploring Life Together (F.E.L.T), and successfully went through the Youth Action Challenge Season 5 to further sharpen the work.

Coaching Specialty

Personal Growth and Development
Challenges in being part of a start-up

Personal Background

Gilbert was born and raised in Singapore. From many different stories in his life, 1 stands out more to share on his background and how it relates to his passion in helping others grow.

For a long time, he had felt smaller than others (not physically), but more of a sense of being “less than”. This sense was not helped by some experiences he had in school (e.g. being bullied and ostracized). He had sought to remain by himself and stay disconnected because that was safe.

He then met a group of friends and started attending church, and that started a journey of change and self discovery.

A deeper level of growth was brought about when he experienced difficulties in job fit and a difficult workplace environment that brought back the sense of “being by myself is the best and safest”. The experience had led to much growth in accepting and recognizing his strengths, weaknesses and also discover ways on moving forward with hope.

This experience formed a strong core in his desire to help people grow and at holding space in conversations for people. His experience is not isolated and others have similar experiences too.
There is always a next step forward, and it comes from gaining awareness internally and integrating that to what is happening in the external environment. The process is not easy, but its a process that builds resilience, brings about learning and moves towards greater maturity.

Coaching Style

Gentle and safe
Will ask many questions as part of the process of facilitating self awareness and growth

Personal Philosophy

I value honesty, integrity, responsibility and communication.
I’ll try my best to see things from a place of love and curiosity.
Being able to feel safe enough is the baseline that can contribute towards greater self-awareness and growth