Cynthia Lam | Collective Change Institute

Cynthia Lam | Collective Change Institute

• Growth mindset professional with 18+ years in Senior Leadership Roles • Mental Health Advocate • Masters of Science (Management)

Cynthia Lam

• Growth mindset professional with 18+ years in Senior Leadership Roles
• Mental Health Advocate
• Masters of Science (Management)


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English, Chinese

Professional Background

Cynthia brings over 18 years of sales and marketing work experience to her coaching domain. She is currently leading a high performing sales team in a Fortune 100 company and her career journey spans brand management, start-ups, media, and marketing as well as sales roles across APAC.

In coaching, she is dedicated to doing what she loves best – facilitating and accelerating a talent’s transformational journey. She specialises in supporting leaders through key leadership transitions especially in the first year in their new roles as well as talents in their formative professional years. She is passionate about developing leadership potential and has worked with international team members from various cultures in her professional life. She currently coaches not only her team members but to cross-functional organisational team members.

She is also an Interactive Advertising Council (IAB) member and has also volunteered for the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). Personally, Cynthia as successfully transitioned into different roles in her own career and would like to be able to help others do the same.

Coaching Specialty

Career Transitions
Leadership role changes
Career progression
Leadership Effectiveness
Team Management
New Manager effectiveness
First Jobbers

Personal Background

Cynthia enjoys very much being a professional “audience” – loving the theatre, arts, enjoying the occasional orchestral classical music, exploring museums, and also very much into being a spectator of various sports. She has a wide range of “repertoire” in terms of her love for food and is happy to exchange foodie notes with like-minded aficionados. Traveling is another huge passion for her – her latest travels brought her to the lovely Scandinavian landscapes.

Coaching Style

Relator, Empathetic, Individualisation, and Insightful.
I have been a strong beneficiary of great coaches in my life and they have enabled me to be where I am at today and as cliche as it may sound, I would like to pay it forward and impact lives positively.

Personal Philosophy

“There is a time for everything”
There is a time and season for everything – let’s work together to make the most of each opportunity and learn how best to articulate and overcome challenges for what is important for you during this season.