Christine Tong | Collective Change Institute

Christine Tong | Collective Change Institute

- Think, ponder and reflect. - Seeing the potential and possibility in people and helping them to recognise it for themselves.

Christine Tong

– Think, ponder and reflect.
– Seeing the potential and possibility in people and helping them to recognise it for themselves.


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English, Mandarin

Professional Background

I worked in diverse roles throughout my career but had always centred about people. I joined the civil service with the first deployment in career development which exposed me to many different personalities and that’s where my curiosity for people grew. I was then posted to London as a diplomat that requires me to deal with members of public and local authorities. This portfolio further strengthened my interpersonal skills.

Upon my return to Singapore, I was deployed to another branch in HR that requires me to brief officers before they go on posting. As I was often drained and burned out, I took a career break and switched to the healthcare sector. I am part of the team that drives the campaign on hiring of locals and manage the hiring of foreign nurses. I had been a Certified Professional with the Institute of Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) since Apr 2021.

I met a career coach last year and decided to take up coaching as a result. The sessions helped me recognise my strength as a compassionate person and discovered my passion in helping people realise their potential.

Coaching Specialty

Life and relationship coaching.
Personal growth.

Friends and peers said that I am a good listener and often turn to me for advice.
I would love to work with people transitioning back to workforce or if you are currently at a cross-road deciding your next move.

Personal Background

I am always curious about the complexity and simplicity of interaction between humans. I am a mother to 2 lovely children, and yet working to resolve the relationship with my own parents. This is how simple relationships can be and yet so complex.

Working in London was the first turning point in my life when I first tasted independence. The second turning point would be becoming a mother when I thought I lost all independence. Through all these experiences whether professionally or personally, there were times where I felt lost and defeated. Coaching has helped to build me up step by step and am looking forward to who I can be. We are all works-in-progress.

Coaching Style

– Compassionate and encouraging
– Approachable
– Candid

Personal Philosophy

“One at a time.”

We are often caught in a slew of issues that seemed like they need to be dealt with immediately all at once. Why not take a step back to breathe and think about dealing with them one at a time?