Chong Haoyang | Collective Change Institute

Chong Haoyang | Collective Change Institute

- Mindful Thinking Partner - Organisation Development Enthusiast - Advocate for the fulfilment of humankind potential

Chong Haoyang

– Mindful Thinking Partner
– Organisation Development Enthusiast
– Advocate for the fulfilment of humankind potential

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Professional Background

I was the project manager for leadership and organisational development intervention for MNCs in the Healthcare, Media, Higher Education, Finance, Global Logistics, Food & beverages and Reinsurance sectors. My stint in consultancy brought me to India and China where I had the opportunities to facilitate leadership and organisational culture sessions. This allowed me to appreciate the nuances of cross-culture communication and mindful listening.

My current role allows me to bring my expertise to a leading provider of special education in Singapore. I am part of a team that is driving talent strategy backed by data-driven decisions. My role seeks to synergise the pillars of system, data and talent development in helping the organisation work towards its digitalisation vision.

My time working with senior management to drive change has led me to an insight. Change occurs at the individual level as much as it occurs at the organsiational level. Hence, a smooth change management requires effort to help individuals navigate their unique challenges. This place me on the path to pursue coaching as a skill to help each of us navigate our own unique challenges and spend more time on the things we find meaning in.

Coaching Specialty

Responsible and Collaborative Leadership
Spirituality X Life
Career and Performance
Relationship (Family & Partner)

Personal Background

I am a Singaporean with Malaysian heritage as my parents were first generation immigrants from Malacca. Hence, you can imagine the experience of trying to understand and reconcile two different cultures at home and at school as a kid.

Since my teens, I was passionate about personal development and helping other to grow. This brought me on my journey with non profit organsiations such as AIESEC (Largest youth led global non-profit) and NPCC, where I worked as a talent manager and adult volunteer respectively. With these organsiations, I was involved in the design and delivery of leadership programs for over a decade. I believe it is important to impart the right mindset during their formative years. Along the way, I was fortunate to have coaches and mentors who were helped me to view the same issues from different perspectives. Their challenge and support catalysed my growth.

As an avid reader, i find value in non fiction books. One of my favourite quotes from “Think like a monk” by Jay Shetty is “I am not what I think I am, and I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am”. This quote got me to appreciate the role emotions. our subconscious mind and the concept of self and others play in forming our spiritual identity.

I enjoy challenging myself to grow further. In my free time, I meditate, catchup with friends and enjoy a cup of flavourful coffee.

Coaching Style

I provide a safe space for you to bring your authentic self to our sessions. I commit to listen actively to your unique challenges and perspectives and work with you. I gently challenge your perspectives while providing a light-hearted environment to celebrate your wins.

Personal Philosophy

Working towards “Peace and Fulfilment of humankind potential”
“The secret is to understand that every soul has a particular destiny, has a path that it goes on. You can learn to listen to the goals, which are coming out from within you.”

– Vishien Lakhiani