Charlotte Tham | Collective Change Institute

Charlotte Tham | Collective Change Institute

Passionate in helping Leaders to uncover their strengths to enable career growth, transitions, and to improve theirs and their teams' performance through coaching.

Charlotte Tham

Passionate in helping Leaders to uncover their strengths to enable career growth, transitions, and to improve theirs and their teams’ performance through coaching.

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English, Mandarin

Professional Background

My career journey has been a diverse and transformative one, as attested by many recruiters and colleagues. I’ve taken on a range of roles that, on the surface, may not seem directly related – from marketing and public relations to pricing, customer services, sales operations, and ultimately, HR. However, it becomes evident that each of these experiences has played a crucial role in shaping my identity as an HR professional.

My background in marketing and PR honed my communication skills, making me a more effective communicator. During my time in customer services, I gained a deep understanding of customer pain points, which proved invaluable in designing efficient sales processes when I transitioned to sales operations. Leading teams to achieve results and managing employee expectations in previous roles made me acutely aware of the challenges faced by managers. This experience led me to develop more effective managers’ training programs during my tenure in HR, specifically in the leadership development function.

This diverse career journey has ultimately led me to my current role as a coach. I am deeply passionate about uncovering individuals’ leadership strengths and helping those seeking to discover their career anchor in order to attain a more meaningful and fulfilling career path.

Coaching Specialty

Leadership Development – newly promoted managers, or mid to senior leaders who are seeking higher team performance.

Career Transition – leaders who are transitioning to a new role for the first 100 days

Career Growth – individuals who are seeking career anchor

Personal Background

Born and raised in Singapore, I consider myself fortunate that my previous roles have taken me to various countries across different continents. This exposure ignited a passion for exploring the less-traveled paths, expanding my horizons in ways I hadn’t imagined. Through these journeys, I immersed myself in diverse cultures and practices that have significantly contributed to shaping my identity. It has been a transformative experience, fostering an open-minded attitude within me and teaching me the value of withholding judgment while actively listening. This helps to create an environment where my clients feel at ease engaging in meaningful conversations in my role as a coach.

Coaching Style

I provide a safe space that fosters open, transparent, non-judgmental, and empathetic conversations. In this collaborative partnership, we embark on a shared journey, working together towards the transformative change you seek.

Personal Philosophy

To create positive impact to people I interact with, in small or big ways.