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Xie Caili | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Caili Xie

– Point leader
– Develop others to grow spiritual


English, Chinese

Professional background

Caili is an unique young adult of her age, who is very matured in thinking and see through the lives of others and know how to help others to achieve the lives that they aspire to have.
Prior to her university graduation, Caili came across an opportunity to join a charitable personal growth group originated from Taiwan.

The group has 32 years of presence now and has a total of 23 points from Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. The group focuses on the spiritual development of a person to cultivate his or her inner heart to kick off human weaknesses such as greedy, jealously etc to develop love, compassion and have a strong and positive mindset. Caili has been actively developing spiritually, letting go of human weaknesses and achieving a balance healthy mind, body and soul and living a worry-free life.

Since 2016, Caili has been the point leader of her point, leading her members growing spiritually in the group. In terms of growing and developing her members, Caili has been actively encouraging her members to write articles of their learning and growth to submit for publication by her group. Each year, there will be 3 publications of the articles submitted by members from Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. As it is published in Taiwan, the articles have to be written in Chinese Language.
Despite the language challenges, 3 years without fail, her point tops the article submission and publication, with submission of at least 40 articles a year.

In 2017, Caili had her personal breakthrough in her life, just 4 years of membership; she is the first overseas member who
had the opportunity to do a 1.5-hour of individual sharing of her growth journey in the group. The criteria to determine
whether the individual sharing could be realized, requires the submission of the written sharing script in Chinese Language.
It was a difficult task for a Singaporean with shallow foundation of the Chinese Language of equivalent to lower primary
standard in Taiwan. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, Caili successfully completed her individual sharing in 2017 and
managed to turn the sour relationship of 13 years with her father into developing strong affectionate and positive

In her corporate job, Caili is a Human Resource Executive who specializes in IT system and manages the performance
appraisal system for the company, guides and provides support to her staff (600+) in completing their appraisals

Specialty & Expertise

  • Life Purpose
  • Personal Growth
  • Change Management
  • Relationship building

Personal Background

Caili had the opportunity to accompany stay with her grandmother in a 6-bed public hospital ward for 28 days when she was
19. During the 28 days, Caili witnessed the death of 6 patients staying in the same ward and made her realized that life is so
fragile. The person whom you talked to the day before could just leave the next day. This unique experience has helped to
shape what Caili is into her adulthood to have the philosophy to live life to the fullest and without regret.

Caili is fortunate to
have this experience and let her understands the real meaning of life. Life is only meaning when you can share the joy with
others, that is to help others to grow into a better person. Since then, Caili has been taking up leadership person to help
others to grow. Be it at corporate or personal level, Caili has been actively helping others to develop further. This brings great
satisfaction to her.
Upon completion of 3 years headship as point leader of her point in 2018, Caili realizes that to really help members to
develop further, she will require coaching skills to help them discover their potential. This is how she came across CCI in her
research for a coaching school. Caili is inspired by Lynn who started coaching at 19 years old and understand that a coach is
an expert of a process and being young age does not deter a person to be a good coach. Caili overcame the misconception
that is commonly thought that a good coach must have “grey hair” and many years of experience in that subject matter.
Since being young can also become a good coach, Caili decided to take up Professional Coach Development Program with
CCI and has been enjoying the program.

Coaching style

Soft Approach – Heart to heart
Hard Approach – Challenging and tough love

Personal philosophy

Whatever one does, the most important is not against one’s conscience
When one’s inner heart is conquered, he or she is then the real winner who has overcome his or her weaknesses. The lives of others tomorrow will be better than they were today