Wysen Kwek

Wysen Kwek

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Apprentice Life Coach, CCI

Wysen Kwek




Wysen is known for his ability to relate to clients and create a space for effective coaching. Professionally, Wysen works in the civil service and has experience leading and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, personalities, and nationalities.

Wysen is described by superiors and peers as the go-to person when something needs to be done on a moment’s notice without a compromised in standards. With this ability, he is able to empower his clients to discover new insights which in turn enable them to achieve their individual projects.

Prior to his course, Wysen had been helping his peers discover their strengths and competences. He also worked with individuals who were looking for opportunities to achieve personal development.

Career: Wysen recently worked with a civil servant to discover her career strengths, allowing her to obtain a job with British Petroleum.

He has a strong passion for people development, Wysen believes that every individual is a talent and has a role to play to make society a better place.

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Certifications & Awarding Body

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource) – Singapore Management University
  • Master of Science (Innovation) – Singapore Management University
  • Associate Certified Coach – in the process of getting certified in the next 6 months.

Areas of Coaching

  • Career Development
  • Direction / Purpose
  • Friends & Peers
  • Leadership
  • Personal Growth
  • Team Building


Wysen has 8 years of professional experience in the civil service. He is experienced in domains such as operations management, policy shaping, strategy, and human resource management.

Outside of work, Wysen leads an active lifestyle filled with fitness-related activities such as running and physical training. He believes that a healthy life will increase self confidence and clarity of mind.