Toni Chow | Collective Change Institute

Toni Chow | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Toni Chow

– Executive recruiter skilled in mid-senior level talent engagement
– Relationship focused with a personalized consulting style
– Entrepreneurial mind set – believes in originality
– Loves a good laugh



Professional background

A recruiter for the past 16 years, I am in the business of people. I spent the most part of my 20s as a business owner in retail/wholesale of apparels and lingerie. I was bored and ready for a complete overhaul when I hit 30. In recruitment, I found my true elements: a job that converged my love for people, winning deals, making monies, independence and creativity.

After 6 years of building up a Sales & Marketing desk for a UK based recruitment agency, starting my own firm in 2010 was an easy call. The entrepreneurial bug never went away. I am privileged to have interviewed thousands of great talents and engage with senior leaders across different industries/regions.

The learning never stop. I am on a quest to expand my business with the incorporation of coaching

Specialty & Expertise

  • Executive Career Coaching: Transition versus Transformation
  • Personal Brand Coaching: What is your brand story

Personal Background

I found disco/pop music when I was 8 or 9, and discovered my inner diva. I wanted to be a rock star. A rebellious kid who was Chinese educated in a traditional Chinese family – the growing years were colourful. From early teens, I had to work after school in the family business to earn pocket monies and playtime. I learned how to sell, to bargain and to handle people.

At my Aussie uni where the Singaporean cohorts were pursuing degrees to be bankers, lawyers and accountants, I knew I would be a “sales girl”. I am grateful to my parents for the entrepreneurial values they instilled in me. After 30 years, the inner rock diva is going strong. I love live bands. I sing ok but I dance fantastic.

Coaching style

  • Honest, straight talk, no BS
  • Warm and engaging, can be loud
  • Relax & Humorous

Personal philosophy

  • Be mindful of fear and guilt: Takes a conscious mind to recognize them and massive courage to weed them out.
  • Never be stagnated and boring: Have a curious mind and a strong body.
  • Be original: A black sheep can be groovy too.