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Tan Lee Thong | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Tan Lee Thong

– Former Group Finance Director of a Global MNC
– Bachelor of Accountancy, NTU
– Chartered Accountant of ISCA


English, Mandarin

Professional background

As a Finance Director, Lee Thong is equipped with over 24 years of finance and management experience under his belt, in companies of various industries including manufacturing, trading, consulting and services.

In his last role as the Group Finance Director of a US$1.2 billion MNC headquartered in Singapore, Lee Thong was running the operation of the Finance department at Corporate level, managing a team of 40 in the areas of financial controlling, treasury, tax and M&A. In the last 4 years, Lee Thong was the business owner who led a global Finance Transformation project including the implementation of a $20mil ERP project across Asia Pacific and a shared service centre, with a project team of up to 30 at one point. In this project, Lee Thong further developed his capabilities in leadership, project management, change management, and dealing with ambiguity.

Apart from the technical aspect, Lee Thong is known to be a good manager and mentor to his team, with proven track record of acquiring, retaining and developing finance professionals, realising their full potentials during their tenor in his team. During the last 16 years, he transformed a senior manager from a critical contributor to a high potential on top of changing her role into an area where she had little experience to start with. In another example, Lee Thong guided a manager who started as an individual contributor to one who eventually led a high performing team of 12.

Lee Thong, who likes to share his experience and journey to his peers, is also a keen speaker and panalist in seminars and events organised by banks, financial institutions, software houses and university.

Specialty & Expertise

Lee Thong is known as a manager who empowers his team to perform with him playing the coach/mentor role who motivates the team and guiding them at the side. This approach has become an asset that Lee Thong will leverage on as a coach to guide the client through a journey of realising their personal, career and/or professional potentials.

With his years of experience as a Finance Director and also a business partner, his coaching specialty will be in the area of career, executive and business.

Personal Background

Lee Thong has a keen interest in the understanding of human behavior and characteristic, with a twist. Since young he has been doing self study in western astrology as a hobby, and in the last 2 years, he has developed interest in chinese astrology, or bazi. He uses this for his own self awareness and personal improvement and development. Occasionally, he does casual readings, again as a hobby, for friends who are interested in the art to understand themselves better and to navigate through obstacles.

Since 2012, Lee Thong has also gone through a transformation from a totally non-sporty person to becoming a marathoner and then a triathlete over the last 5 years. This has definitely pushed his fitness limit, and also sharpened his mental determination.

Coaching style

Open conversational style, versatile, dynamic and honest, giving space to the client for self reflection and finding the solution to address their issues.

Personal philosophy

A firm believer that anything is possible, with the correct mindset. Not afraid to make mistake as each failure is a lesson. These has formed the foundation of Lee Thong’s management philosophy for his teams. This has also an influence on his coaching style where he will encourage and inspire his client to have the courage to step out of his or her comfort zone in search for the way to acheive their goals.

As an individual, Lee Thong is normally described by his colleagues as a warm and bubbly person, always put on a smile even under stress, and someone approachable. As a friend, he is a trusted person whom people will confide in him when they need some advise or second opinion towards approaching challenges.