Sodam Kim Picard | Collective Change Institute

Sodam Kim Picard | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Sodam Kim Picard

– 20 yrs in Advertising & Marketing in 4As
– Bachelor of Communication & Journalism
– Master of Communication & Advertising


French, English & Korean

Professional background

Born & raised in Korea, studied in France, worked across Asia from Seoul, HK, Shanghai to Singapore as well as in Paris for multinational companies in 4As, Sodam has been helping her clients to build their brands by finding the right communication solutions.

From her regional roles, she has learned how to talk differently to the people of different cultural & ethnical background.

From her marketing & advertising roles, she has learned how to listen and understand the clients of different sectors from FMCG to IT & Heavy Industry. Her clients portfolio varies from P&G, L’Oréal, Unilever, Nestlé to HP & Lucent Technology.

Over the past 20 years, she has acquired the skills of most effective communications fit to each person of diverse nature & background.

Being a true world citizen, she knows how to listen and react to different social/cultural code then build the trust effortlessly from locals & expats of various nationality.

Specialty & Expertise

Sodam captures underlying meaning of what clients said through her innate understanding of people in general.
Different character expresses the same concern or issues in many different ways.
She listens what is ‘’really”” said in complex context of conversation.
She is known to open up the often taciturn & unshakable top executives trained to be solid despite heavy stress.
Her communication background enabled her to create the bonding & harmony in mixed group of people
often needed in M&A or team restructuring.

Personal Background

Sodam first left her country as a back packer to Europe in 1991 when she was still in Univ in Korea.
During 2 mths, she traveled from Nice to Oslo where she met her life time friend from Alger in the train with whom she’s still in touch.

She got her first job in Paris @ Publicis in Champs-Elysées where she worked with the team of German, Danish, British and French nationals. This early exposure to multinational environment taught her how to capture & sense the nonverbal communications of people from different cultural background.

Back to her native Korea, she started working for multinaitonal clients in 4As before moving to HK for her regional role. Then she moved to Shanghai to work for Greater China in 1998. Two years in bubbling melting pot SH before milleunium marked her with a bunch of precious friends and a french fiancé.

Moving to Paris in 2000 for a wedding, she had entered in a large French Jewish family while being protestant. This amazing experiences allowed her to see the unseen and to break the general perception. Sodam is still protestant 🙂

After 5 yrs in Paris, she moved to Singapore where she encountered the post natal depression after the birth of her 3rd child. She was recovered by seeing the therapist, the healer, the counselor and the psychologist, which allowed her to understand the different roles of these somewhat sound similar professions.

She’s also an avid believer of NVC where she learned how to observe when listening not to intreprete.

Coaching style

Deep observation, Empathetic listening, Thorough probing, Sharp questions, Concrete action plans after each session, Result oriented coaching.

Personal philosophy

Knowing is one thing, Realizing is another.
How “”Realizing is different from “”Knowing””
The Power in Us.
NVC (Non Violent Communication) – Observation, Feelings, Needs, Requests