Sean Low | Collective Change Institute

Sean Low | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Sean Low

– Assistant Director
– Fitness Coach, Certified Advanced Instructor, Les Mills
– BSSc (Honours), University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore


English, Mandarin

Professional background

With a background in psychology and business management, Sean worked alongside organisational psychologists to select and develop talent through one of the most prestigious scholarships in the country, and developed leadership programmes targeted at different levels including the C-suite among his career experiences over the past 10 years. As a team leader, he has years of coaching and developing others at work.

Also a certified fitness instructor in aerobics and mind-body programmes, Sean is passionate about improving the health and well-being of others outside work, helping thousands of people meet their health and fitness goals at major fitness centres in Singapore since 2009. Sean was mentioned one of the “Most Inspiring Group Fitness Instructor” in a 2016 poll at a major fitness chain in Singapore. He is known to connect his members through high energy in his aerobics classes as well as the feelings of flow and relaxation in his mind-body classes.

Specialty & Expertise

Health, fitness, wellness, career, life goals

Sean brings with him close to 10 years of experience coaching others in health, fitness and wellness. Having also been in the business of talent management and leading teams in his career, he has years of experience coaching and developing others at work.

In and outside of work, Sean is known for his strength in distilling complexity into simplicity, or as someone said – “finding order in chaos”. Sean is also known to be able to step into and appreciate perspectives from different vantage points, an important trait in empathy.

Personal Background

Sean discovered his interest in understanding and helping others at a young age. He likes offering a listening ear and is the go-to person for his friends, which led him to decide at age 14 to pursue a degree in psychology later on in life.

Sean’s pursuits and achievements today are by no means a result of his efforts alone. As a teen and young adult, Sean struggled with weight issues, academics, and sensitive skin issues which would have posed a challenge for his pursuits today as a confident fitness instructor on stage and his degree and career. With the help of beautiful angels in his life who appeared as family members, friends, teachers, personal trainer, doctor, mentor instructors and supervisors and who showed him what he thought was impossible, Sean became who he is today. Aspiring to be like these angels in his life, he hopes to be the kind of person who could help others see their strengths and potential in themselves and journey alongside them to achieve their version of a fulfilling life. A chanced experience as a client in Collective Change Institute’s Coaching for Change programme in 2017 brought Sean to this coaching certification programme, and he saw opportunity to expand his repertoire of skills to coach and develop others.

Apart from coaching and keeping up with his trainings at the gym, Sean takes joy in reading personal development books in his leisure time. Some of his favourites include Tara Mohr’s “Playing Big”, Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect”, and Dale Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”.

Coaching style

Sean believes in tuning in to his clients. Like how he approaches his mind-body classes, he believes in “feeling the feel” of the flow when connecting with his clients. Coupled with his strong “sensing” and “systematic” traits, Sean has been able to forward clients in distilling insights and crystalising action plans to achieve their goals.

Personal philosophy

Sean strongly believes in personal development and that there are deep wells of potential within each and everyone of us. With a little more self-awareness from both internal (introspection and reflection) and external (feedback, coaching) sources, coupled with grit to achieve our goals, we can be better than who we are yesterday, one step at a time.