Natalie Eng | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Natalie Eng | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF) Co-Founder, Uni Global Access Pte. Ltd. Associate Coach, Collective Change Institute

Natalie Eng

– Worked in dynamic industries such as management consulting and high-growth start ups in strategy and business development roles
– An avid advocate of personal development and having a growth mindset
– Recently launched her own course to help people to scale their careers to the next level
– Served with Young Women Leadership Connection


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Professional Background

Natalie is a Manager in the CEO’s Office of Style Theory, SEA’s biggest fashion subscription platform. In her role, she reports directly to the CEO and COO on key business strategies to grow the company. Her experiences include launching new business lines, streamlining current processes to optimise for efficiencies and building high performing teams together with senior leadership. She has also consistently achieved the highest performance rating of ‘Exceed Expectations’ through all 4 performance reviews in the last ~3 years and was quickly promoted within the company.

Prior to Style Theory, Natalie was a management consultant, serving private equity clients in different geographic regions like Brazil, Malaysia and China. Her past projects included advising private equity clients on acquisitions and asset sales as well as strategies to improve profitability by conducting CXO level due diligence.

Specialty & Expertise

  • Career Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Women In Leadership
  • Business Coaching
  • Clarity on Purpose / Transition Steps

Personal Background

Outside of work, Natalie prides herself on having a strong growth mindset and inspiring people around her to be the best versions of themselves. She is a big advocate of living more intentionally and thus founded her own personal development community called NeverDrift in 2017. As part of her mission to empower people to put more intention into how they lead their lives, she is particularly interested in helping people put more intention into how we approach
their careers because we spend so much of our lives at work.

In the past ~3 years, Natalie has organized >15 masterclasses with top industry veterans such as Sasha Foo (Managing Director of DBS) and Jacqueline Poh (Deputy Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office) for her community. Additionally, she has also recently launched a structured online course to help highly motivated, young executives to build their careers.

Natalie also served with the Young Women’s Leadership Connection (YWLC) in Singapore in the Leadership Development Committee where she organised and led master classes, panel sessions and experiential workshops with leading organisations such as McKinsey & Company, UBS, Bain & Company on leadership development.

YWLC is the leading platform for women leaders aged 21 to 35 in Singapore, conceptualised by the first woman Cabinet Minister in Singapore with the purpose of nurturing a pipeline of women leaders in the nation. Natalie has also been invited to be a Panelist on Gender Inequality ‘Women: Today and Tomorrow’ with other panelists such as Ms Eunice Olsen (youngest nominated NMP in Singapore) and Ms Ning Cai (SEA’s first female magician).

Coaching Style

  • Empathetic
  • Centered
  • Outcome-oriented
  • Sincere
  • Empowering

Personal Philosophy

  • Always In Permanent Beta
  • Growth Mindset
  • Be happy with what you have while working for what you want
  • Never Drift. Live Intentionally