Naina Kapoor | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Naina Kapoor | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF) Co-Founder, Uni Global Access Pte. Ltd. Associate Coach, Collective Change Institute

Naina Kapoor

– Expert in Building and Training Sales and Customer Experience Teams
– Experience working in both MNCs and Start-Ups
– Won 10 awards across 4 companies
– Recently started a business focusing on Coaching and Personal Brand Consulting


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Professional Background

Naina’s career has been in developing Sales and Customer Experience teams from scratch across companies. Her recent accomplishments include being the first hire of a regional team at LinkedIn where she assisted in bringing inUSD417,000 worth of revenue in 1 year.

Another was when she was the Regional Head of Customer Experience, a Pre-Series A start-up, where she built a high performing customer experience team and was recognised for Most Valuable Player 2019. She enjoyed sales as she could partner with clients to find them the best possible solution for their needs, while giving them top-notch customer service.

She proved to her peers that the landscape of sales has evolved in the recent years, and its providing great service that sets one company apart from another. She conducted numerous trainings on sales and customer service, developed guidebooks on these topics and enjoyed seeing her teams reap the benefits of this. Naina aspired to be a leader at a young age as she wanted to be there for people, mentor and guide them. She wanted to be that figure that she did not have when she most needed it.

Being a young Regional Head, she took lessons from all her past managers on how to lead by example and with empathy. She also worked with young adults who were high-achievers that had the motivation, but simply wanted that extra push to reach their goals. These young adults were people who were very self-aware, enjoyed being challenged, were always working to be better, we’re open to feedback, and wanted to be acknowledged for the work that they were putting in.

When she realised that there was something called a “Coach” and all that was mentioned above was what a coach could do for an individual, it was only natural for her to pursue this more. She decided to combine her learnings from Sales, Customer Experience, Leadership and Coaching to make her passion a business in June 2020. She now specializes in coaching young professionals to break free from their personal inhibitions, such that they can reach their business goals. She is currently working with other clients on different goals as well.

Together with coaching, Naina is an advocate of personal branding. Having reaped the benefits of having a strong online presence, she wants to help others achieve the same too. To read more about Naina, her Coaching and Personal Branding business, check out

Specialty & Expertise

  • Overcoming your personal inhibitions to reach your business goals
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Career Development
  • Leadership Coaching

Personal Background

Naina is all about self-growth. Each day she thinks how she could have been better from the previous. This was one of the reasons why she quit her full time job to be a Solopreneur; she wanted to ensure that she was growing personally and professionally as much as she possibly could.

Another reason why she decided to start her own business, was her desire to balance her professional life with her personal goals. Naina has always been in multicultural work environments and has a set of multicultural friends. She thrives on being with people of different personalities and thoroughly enjoys travelling. Fun fact: When she moved to from Singapore to Jakarta in 2018 after she got married, she travelled to 18 countries within 18 months!

Additionally, she believes strongly in giving back to youth and is a mentor with NTU, Singapore, where she studied, as well as BINUS university in Indonesia, a private renowned university. Her personal goals in a nutshell, are to Learn, Pay it forward and Balance

  • To Learn from people at all times
  • Stay in permanent beta and continuously educating yourself
  • Pay it forward
  • Create an impact to anyone that she coaches, consults or mentors
  • Help people in need at every opportunity she can
  • Balance work and personal life well

Coaching Style

Naina’s coaching style is empathic and authentic. She is able to build rapport with everyone but is clear about what needs to be achieved for the session and is action-oriented. She believes in making the client feel empowered andacknowledged. She loves to have a tiny element of fun in these sessions, so that the client feels accomplished and light at the end of sessions.

Personal Philosophy

Her personal Philosophy has been shaped by her own experiences. It is to:

  • Respect and celebrate differences in individuals (Have Zero judgments)
  • Believe in yourself (Have faith in your capabilities and knowledge)
  • Stay humble (Put your Ego aside and say no to complacency