Leona Liu Van Looveren | Collective Change Institute

Leona Liu Van Looveren | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Leona Liu Van Looveren

– Senior Strategic Communications for the United Nations
– TV Reporter/Presenter/Journalist (Reuters, Bloomberg BusinessWeek)
– Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)
– Founder & CEO of Evolve Retreats (Coaching, yoga and mindfulness retreats)
– Masters of International Security, Sciences Po – Paris, France
– Bachelors of Journalism, Northwestern University- Medill School of Journalism, U.S.A.


English, French

Professional background

With 10+ years of global work experience across the U.S.A, Europe and Asia in TV journalism and strategic communications for both the private sector (Danone) and the United Nations in the fields of environment, climate change and sustainable development, Leona is a dynamic, purpose-driven and motivational writer, leadership and life coach.

A seasoned storyteller, Leona is passionate about helping both companies and individuals find their voice, craft compelling narratives to reach their target audiences, and get their messages heard. She is particularly passionate about producing documentaries to give the voiceless a voice in the arena of international development.

Her film work has taken her across the globe to report on deforestation in Guatemala, desertification in Niger, indigenous community rights in Papua New Guinea, gender and migration patterns in Nepal, and oil palm in Indonesia.

Her 26-minute documentary on political dissident artists was selected and screened at the Arte Film Festival during the International Forum of Democracy in 2012 in Strasbourg, France.

Specialty & Expertise

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching (authenticity and driving positive culture change)
  • Career Development & Performance Coaching
  • Life Coaching (Finding one’s life purpose, navigating tricky relationships, separation and divorce, moving, managing illness and death, self-identity and self-esteem issues, self-love and empowerment)

Personal Background

As a first-generation immigrant in America who was raised by a single mother of three, I always felt the pressure to succeed in order to honor her enormous personal sacrifice. Given this, I accumulated a string of brand-name degrees and titles.

I landed a dream job as the Paris Fashion Week Correspondent for Reuters news agency in my early 20s, lived in my dream city of Paris for a decade, became a PR Director at age 25, and so on and so forth. But then something shifted. When I completed my yoga teacher training in 2015, I experienced a deep inner transformation.

I learned to finally accept myself- flaws and all. I got to know myself better and honor who I truly was. I realized the importance of slowing down, and simply BEING instead of DOING. I became interested in coaching as a tool to help others embark on this same, transformative journey. I became passionate about the art of inner engineering and how to transform your life from the inside out.

I learned that everything is happening for you, rather than to you. To improve your external circumstances, you must start with deep inner work on yourself and take full responsibility for your life and actions.

Coaching style

I am a joyful, compassionate and empowering coach that thrives on sparking positive change in my clients to encourage important self-inquiry and lasting personal development.

I’m here to help you become the author of your unique life story by identifying and eradicating limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you, honoring your most authentic path, and finding the courage to walk in alignment with your life purpose and values. I’ll guide you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Personal philosophy

You are the director of your own life movie- make it one worth watching!