Lee Norton | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Lee Norton | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF) Co-Founder, Uni Global Access Pte. Ltd. Associate Coach, Collective Change Institute
Lee Norton

Lee Norton

– International Business Expert
– Developing of Future leaders
– Seasoned Martial Artist


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Professional Background

  • 10 years expertise in International business experience, working for the world’s leading Multinational digital entertainment industries such as Warner Bros and Electronic Arts.
    Currently the Head of Commercial Sales, IMEA and APAC for Electronic Arts, leading a team delivering in excess of USD
  • $300M Net Revenue annually. Partnering with the biggest global brands and organizations to deliver next level experiences including the likes of FIFA, Red Bull, Coke, Adidas and VISA
  • Building interdependent, highly empowered and motivated teams across multiple geographies and cultures.
  • Official Mentor for EA Future Leaders Program
  • Singapore Country Lead for 2 Global Funded Diversity and Employee Resource Groups:
    • ‘Able’ ; Championing accessibility across the gaming community through educating employees, influencing development and raising awareness.
    • Global Green Team; tackling the challenges of sustainability in a corporate world.

Specialty & Expertise

  • Personal Growth: Confidence finding ; connecting with your values; taking ownership ; navigating emotions
  • Business Growth: Leadership development ; Creating high performance teams ; Winning Diverse Markets; stakeholder management

Personal Background

I have a fascination of people and cultures. Being of Jamaican-English heritage and the son of a professional Sportsman, I have always been fascinated in what drives us, what unites us and what is the difference between those of us that achieve our dreams and those that don’t. My dream was to travel the world and train its martial arts and learn its cultures.

Following this lead me to train around the world from the dirty gyms of London, to the mountains of China and the sweaty gyms of Thailand. In this journey, I’ve learned a lot about people, behaviors and the power of overcoming
limiting beliefs

Coaching Style

  • Respectful
  • Intentional
  • Direct and Honest

I’m here to be your Sifu of self-fulfillment.

Personal Philosophy

Maintain a White Belt Mentality. You can learn something from every situation.

Where the mind goes the man follows. Master your mind and you master your destiny

Extreme Ownership. Hold yourself accountable to be the best version of yourself.