Kendrick Loh | Collective Change Institute

Kendrick Loh | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Kendrick Loh

– Meditation Facilitator
– Backpacker
– Researcher
– Former Project Manager


English, Mandarin

Professional background

Counting on 11 years of professional life, here are some experiences would like to highlight:

  1. Singapore islandwide Basketball Tournament In 2018, Kendrick is the co-founder for Our Community Games, Basketball Men 5on5 which have 48 teams joined with more than 700 people participated. It is Singapore largest basketball tournament which lead by volunteers who have the common interest of basketball join together to create a islandwide basketball tournament. 2019 is the second year and we plan to create a bigger tournament for men and also another women. Kendrick vision is to allow community members to bond through team sport and play in a international standard.
  2. Solar Leasing Projects in Singapore In 2015, Kendrick joined Sunseap Leasing as a project manager to lead Housing Development Board’s 38 megawatt-peak (MWp) solar leasing project and it was the first largest Solar leasing project in Singapore. Apart from managing projects, Kendrick share his experience and create path for other project manager who join. Have contributed 18% of National Solar PV Capacity at 99.9 MWac in reference with EMA 2017 Singapore Energy Statistics. The 18% are 299 systems and another 80 systems was handover to others by the end of September 2018.

Specialty & Expertise

– Life Coach
– Career Coach
– Leadership Coaching

Personal Background

Kendrick is a 80s Singapore kid who enjoy playing soccer and basketball during recess time and after school. Recent years, he have start to explore the world as a backpacker. Exploration give him a lot of different perspectives of countries and people. Kendrick LOVE it! he live, communication and play with people coming from different part of the world although there are challenges and accidents. He will continue to explore. In Singapore, kendrick bring his part of interests and skill into community services for 7 years and on going.

Coaching style

Creating a safe space for open and honest communication.

Personal philosophy

What will be the world like if everyone living their highest potential ?