Kathleen Yeow | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Kathleen Yeow | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF) Co-Founder, Uni Global Access Pte. Ltd. Associate Coach, Collective Change Institute

Kathleen Yeow

– Penchant for people’s growth and transformation
– Human Resource Development (HRD) Practitioner for over 13 years
– Certified Trainer for more than 5,500 leaders & corporate executives
– President of a voluntary organization


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English, Mandarin

Professional Background

Kathleen specializes in designing, training and coaching professionals on Individual
Performance, Organizational Leadership, Relationship-Building and Purposeful
Initiatives relevant to the complex challenges of Singapore. She walks the ground,
reviews and contextualizes training solutions targeted to learners’ needs.
In doing so, key competencies for individuals to perform the current and future jobs are
developed – through andragogy, innovative tools and highly engaging physical and
virtual trainings.

In her previous company, Kathleen spearheaded the Mentoring Framework for 15,000
people. She formed strategic synergies with different divisions and organized teams to
achieve two-fold engagement outcomes. She also managed various corporate functions
such as Staff Recognition Initiatives, Client Services, Finance, Procurement, IT
Systems, Dialogues and Roadshows.

Kathleen believes in people’s potential and the self-initiated learning process hence she
forayed into the training space and coaching. She crafted and conducted trainings for
Lecturers on topics such as mentoring, motivation and crisis-handling as well as a 60-
Page Mentoring Guide. One-to-one consultations on specific challenges were insightful.
It was a fulfilling experience to listen actively, ask powerful questions and pivot

When Kathleen was offered a Lecturer position, she grabbed the opportunity to connect
on a deeper level with students and fellow professionals. This resonated on the level
that Coaching helps to raise people’s self-awareness and understand how people
learn effectively.

She remembered work experience residing in a boarding school and coaching national
athletes on their leadership capabilities. She had para-counselled on areas such as
personal limitations, relationship issues and even high-risk suicide.

Specialty & Expertise

  • Relationship Coaching
  • Family Coaching
  • Personal Transformation
  • Leadership and Performance
  • Life Transitions

Personal Background

Stories on human interests, needs, struggles and reimagination of success interest
Kathleen a lot. This is the reason she has actively engaged people of different profiles
for more than 13 years. Her aspiration is to be a great coach in catalyzing positive
transformations for more people and inspire a better world.

Kathleen is a caring wife who frequently cooks for families and friends. She likes to soak
up the serenity of nature and has done the full Tour Du Mont Blanc. As the President of
a voluntary organization, she is committed to lead by example, and motivates
volunteers to do a part for the community.

Coaching Style

  • Genuine
  • Empowering
  • Fun
  • Trust-based

Personal Philosophy

Kathleen believes through coaching and co-creating with people, they can achieve greater clarity and be empowered to tap on their strengths to achieve the ideal outcomes. Kathleen is excited to be able to work with individuals to maximize their potential, especially in the areas of Personal Leadership and Relationships.

Her personal philosophy is

People learn. People lead. People shine.  Kathleen can work together with ‘You’ to polish your Shine