Juliet Romero | Collective Change Institute

Juliet Romero | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Juliet Romero

– Experienced Life Coach


English, Spanish

Professional background

Certified angelologist and reiki. Juliet worked in real estate investment for 7 years and had a profitable sales portfolio. Self studied religions and their similarities as well as differences. She have a youtube channel with topics mainly about loving and finding our creator, as well other topics relating to personal growing and self empowerment.

Specialty & Expertise

Juliet lived in many countries and that gives her an advantage in dealing with and understanding multi-nationals and multi cultures. She specializes in coaching women not only to help them overcome their challenges, but also to support them to become empowered in their life.

Personal Background

Juliet is married for 6 years with 4 years old son. She stopped working on her real estate investment to raise her son. She emphasize on health, not only in one’s mind, but also physical health. She keeps herself healthy and fit, she goes to gym 5 times a week, having a healthy body serves the purpose of being strong physically and mentally, and it compliments self esteem and pursuit toward perfectionism. Juliet is an  open minded person, she don’t judge people of what they do or what they believe. We are all human beings, and nothing differentiates us other than what we studied or encountered/experienced in our life.

She sees herself as a public speaker and presenter, spreading transformational speeches around the world, be it physically or through her youtube channel. She’s writing a book about how to achieve happiness in life, utilizing accumulated experiences throughout her life and summarize them in a book that she hope will become useful guideline for its readers.

Coaching style

Juliet adopt techniques that help her coachee to first understand their challenges, then pave the road to them to come up with their own solution to those challenges, drived by their own perception of the challenge and followed up with their own idea to overcome the challenge. this is summarized in the following: Identify roadblocks to achieving your true potential Set practical, achievable goals Develop new skills Identify and maximize strengths Develop tools to overcome weaknesses.

The coaching style she adopt does not involve any judgemental process, it is what she strive for to understand her client and be able to help them to overcome their challenges. She’s excited about beginning this journey with you!

Personal philosophy

Juliet is passionate about empowerment and self growth topics. She believe in the power of the mind and heart, and that each one of us can achieve their purpose in meaningful life, and start by understanding their mind and their soul. Happiness can only come from inside of you and is the result of your love, our true nature is happiness, freedom and love.