Eva Weber | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Eva Weber | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF) Co-Founder, Uni Global Access Pte. Ltd. Associate Coach, Collective Change Institute

Eva Weber

– Energised by new connections and hearing different people’s perspectives on life
– Believe in the power of community in helping each other to navigate our challenges
– Aspire to be living each day to its fullest and becoming the best version of ourselves


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English, German

Professional Background

  • Worked for >15 years across Financial Services and Technology in a variety roles ranging from Investment Banking, Development Finance, Venture Capital to Technology start-ups.
  • Experienced working for early stage growth companies both from the investor and corporate side.
  • Built-up high performing, multi-functional teams, with focus on team diversity and promoting equality.
  • Lived across Europe, US and now Asia, experiencing different cultures and learning how to navigate diverse work environments.
  • MA in International Business (Edinburgh University) and MBA (Insead).

Specialty & Expertise

  • Career progression and career transition
  • Personal challenges at work or at home

Personal Background

Started my journey as a 14yr old teenager packing my bags to “go and see the world”. Since then I have lived in Germany, France, UK, US, Cambodia, Turkey, Netherlands, and now Singapore. Throughout my journey I have been fortunate to experience different work environments and social settings.

Coaching and mentoring has played a huge role for me and helped guide me when I felt stuck and unable to figure out a solution for a particular problem. Over the years I have helped others to better navigate their own challenges and find new perspectives and energy.

Coaching Style

  • Trust-based
  • Engaging
  • Challenging
  • Fun

Personal Philosophy

What do I believe in?

  • I truly believe in the power from within, taking responsibility for creating my own happiness, self-validation and emotional independence.

What have I learned over the years?

  • Definitely learned how to shift my mindset to seeing the glass as “half full”, overcoming set-backs and rejections in both my professional and personal lives. I have learned how not to get intimated anymore and to always show up.

What motivates me?

  • I absolutely love meeting new people and get energised by hearing about their stories and experiences. I am fascinated by how different we all are, yet at the same time how similar we can be.
  • I never get tired of taking on new challenges both at work but more importantly in my free time, such as volunteering, social engagements or signing up for sport races.