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Eddie Huang | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Life Coach, CCI

Eddie Huang


English and Chinese


Freedom! Adventure! Experience!  – Travelling, a source of inspirations

An Avid Traveler, Eddie has set his footprints on Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Czech Republic,  Slovakia, Hungary, Poland & Germany.

In his travels, he has challenged himself to Laos, a country that rarely have someone that speak his language, alone. Overcoming this fear, he met backpackers from all over the world and enjoy crazy experiences with them including jumping down a waterfall!

Accompanying friends to an eye opening Missionary Trip to Cambodia, he is privileged to learn how locals cope with challenging living conditions. This magnified his view in volunteering work and be more appreciative of Singapore environment.

A spontaneous backpack/road trip bringing his mum to Finland, Iceland and Estonia with just 2 weeks of planning has made many beautiful, joyous memories including seeing glimpse of Northern Lights, visiting Santa Claus Village and seeing pack of Huskies.

“You travel to search and you come back home to find yourself”  – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Through his travels, Eddie uncover new perspectives, unfolding precious lessons. He gain confidence, empathy and most importantly foster better relationship with his mother.

He believes that each individuals has unknown potentials within themselves yet to uncover. In coaching,  he aspire to make a difference to peoples’ lives, empowering them to reach out to their dreams, happiness and fulfillment.

Personal Beliefs/ Philosophy 

Ever since having benefited from an impactful experience with Coaching back in 2012, Eddie personally believes in Personal Growth. With personal growth, one is able to center himself/herself to encompass more abundance across all life stages such as meaningful relationship, career advancement, finding passion and joy.

How clients find him:

He is a good listener, calm and challenging. With clarity, he bring about new perspectives and allow clients to identify new possibilities.

Certifications & Awarding Body

  • Associate Certified Coach – in the process of Attaining in the next 6 months.

Areas of Coaching

  • Confidence
  • Direction / Purpose
  • Finding Happiness
  • Goal-Setting
  • Personal Growth
  • Time-Management


Eddie accumulated a diverse experience throughout his career most notable is time while he was working in the Satellite communication for maritime industry. He has shown excellent competency in managing customers, service and sales partner from every parts of the world. Willing to go the extra mile to resolve issues and ability to in making the support team more cohesive, he has gain trust from higher management, leading him promoting to team leader within a year.

Currently, he a Manager with Peoples’ Association. Being able to anticipate situation/events with a big picture in mind, he has did many successful events and collaborations most significantly an increase of 60% participation rate a Health Screening event in his division.

He has been successful in executing a multi agencies collaborative programme Community Network for Seniors pilot, an initiative bringing seniors to health screening exercises, encouraging them to join group exercises with other seniors and linked them with friends in their neighbourhood, setting it as a blueprint for the rest of Singapore.