Claire Wong | Collective Change Institute

Claire Wong | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Claire Wong

– Head of Human Resources



Professional background

18 years of working experience in the Human Resources function with both local and MNCs has enabled Claire to relate to different cultures and people from different levels and backgrounds. She constantly engages her various stakeholders to provide direction and solutions that would serve both the needs of employees as well as the business.

Since 2015 she was appointed by her company to lead the HR team, covering all areas of HR – talent management and development; HR business partnering; compensation and benefits etc. Outside of work, she is an industry mentor for polytechnic students.

Specialty & Expertise

Claire’s open mindedness allows others to share their thoughts freely and enables her to build rapport quickly with people around her.

Personal Background

Claire endeavors to travel to somewhere new every year to create new experiences, memories and to rest the mind. She is one who lives to eat and enjoys the occasional food indulgence. To strike a balance, she maintains a sensible diet and exercise routine on other days.

Coaching style

Empathetic, approachable, perceptive

Personal philosophy

Believes in creating more self- awareness and having personal growth to become better versions of ourselves; ultimately leading a more fulfilling life.