Carol Koh | Collective Change Institute

Carol Koh | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Carol Koh

– Career Coach and Trainer
– Certified Coach Skills, International Coaches Academy



Professional background

Carol has built a career in the past 8 years primarily through training. In 2016 Carol started coaching. She derives much joy from creating opportunities for individuals to navigate their paths to achieve success through coaching.

Specialty & Expertise

Carol consistently opens doors for individuals to look beyond their current situations. She is a curious coach who would stretch the clients’ imagination to achieve the unexpected.

Personal Background

For more than 10 years, Carol was a stay-at-home mom nurturing her two young children.This period saw the emergence of a people-developer in her. She enjoyed spending time with her children exploring nature, doing crafts and spent many hours in the kitchen baking cakes and cookies. Once her children reached their teens, she returned to the workforce to achieve financial independence. She remains current and relevant in the workforce through upskilling.

Coaching style

Strategic with a keen sense of responsibility, supportive and positive

Personal philosophy

Having transformed from a stay-at-home mom to a professional in the workforce in just a couple of years, Carol believes that back-to-work moms can intergrate into the workforce if they dare to take the leap of faith to be the person you would like to become.