Bryan Tio | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Bryan Tio | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF) Co-Founder, Uni Global Access Pte. Ltd. Associate Coach, Collective Change Institute

Bryan Tio

– Apprentice Coach at Collective Change Institute
– Certified Career Transition & Development Coach (CDN)
– Certified Advanced Behavioural Consultant Consultant (IML)
– Certified Stress Management Consultant (IML)


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Professional Background

Bryan has been in the people development space throughout his career. He is diverse in the hats he wears as a trainer, consultant, and coach. His work is dedicated to maximizing personal and group excellence, constantly seeking to transform the strong into something superb. From his experience in people leadership and development, his coaching philosophy is strengths-driven, tailored to help every individual discover their uniqueness and develop a greater sense of self-awareness.

He has embarked on the International Coach Federation certification to be able to fine-tune his coaching skills. Bryan’s forte lies in his ability to listen and contextualize from the lens of his clients. He partners with businesses to derive human capital solutions, paying great attention to empowerment and sustainability. His clientele ranges from NGOs to MNCs globally, exposing him to a cross-cultural spectrum of stories and experiences.

On an individual level, he is highly relational and displays a powerful ability in understanding others – from the propensity to listen, empathize, understand, and bring light to the issues his clients, trainees and coaches may be facing. His other professional experiences include:

  • Certified over 100 consultants in the personality profiling and behavioral analysis
  • Keynote speaker on personality types at a government agency to over 200 people
  • Clients for career coaching include fresh graduates, mid-career to senior-level professionals, and retirees
  • Lead trainer for numerous personal development, soft-skills and self-efficacy courses

Specialty & Expertise

  • Personal Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Executive & Performance Coaching

Personal Background

Driven to help others, help themselves! From an early age, he has been fascinated by why people think and behave the way they do. Bryan is a born and bred Singaporean son who is the middle child with two brothers. Just as boys would in their growing up years, he frequently found himself being in a position where fun would soon turn into fights. Unknowing to him then, this inculcated disposition of thinking from the other person’s shoes, developing in him a strong sense of empathy for others.

These attributes have fuelled work with people. Bryan strives to create the opportunity for all individuals to unlock their potential and a greater sense of self-awareness, all in their unique pursuit of happiness. His background is in stand-uptraining in the arena of soft skills and self-awareness. Presently, he also holds an appointment as an OfficerCommanding to a NS Commando company.

In his free time, he daydreams and listens to 80’s music. Bryan’s background is in stand-up training in the arena of soft skills and self-awareness. Presently, he also holds an appointment as an Officer Commanding to a NS Commando company. In his free time, he daydreams, writes and listens to 80’s music.

Coaching Style

By nature, Bryan is a talented conversationalist who gravitates to connecting with people. He adds a unique flavour of candour to every dialogue, holding a space for authentic and courageous conversations. His artistry lies in the process to help people connect on a deeper level within themselves and with others, where they are both supported and challenged to become better version of themselves.

His coaching comes with a unique flavour of sincerity, openness, and empowerment, that focuses on nudging his clients into spaces for vulnerability and growth.

Personal Philosophy

Life’s golden moments are when we achieve beyond ourselves in the presence of discomfort.