Benny Chung | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Benny Chung | Coach Profile | Collective Change Institute

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, ICF) Co-Founder, Uni Global Access Pte. Ltd. Associate Coach, Collective Change Institute

Benny Chung

– Passion for exploration, discovery and growth
– Interest in a wide range of topics
– Ability to engage with people of diverse backgrounds


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Professional Background

Ben has worked in various roles across an array of industries, and lived to tell the tale. He can recount stories of being:

  • The television production technician who worked on a live news broadcast through a tornado
  • The twenty-five-year-old who rocketed to the position of Head of Department in a multi-million-dollar Internet start-up
  • The editor who coaxed an author into accepting major changes to a manuscript that would become a best-selling book,
  • The lecturer who helped a foreign student with a vocabulary of only three English words become fluent enough to confidently attend university classes, and
  • The non-medical professional who conducted classes for doctors on research writing, provided consultancy for research projects, and reviewed health professions education research grant proposals.

Ben has had the privilege of working alongside a diverse range of people (from interns and fresh graduates to mature professionals and PhD-holders) through the various leadership positions he has held. A firm believer in lifelong learning, he has made considerable investments into developing his competencies to build and lead high-performing teams.

Ben’s personal leadership development journey eventually introduced him to coaching. The principles behind coaching resonated with him, prompting him to take up training to become a coach. He started coaching in 2016 and is currently pursuing International Coach Federation certification to refine his coaching skills.

Specialty & Expertise

  • Personal Development and Transformation
  • Executive and Leadership Development
  • Intercultural Adjustment
  • Career and Performance

Personal Background

Ben is a multi-hyphenate with a wide variety of interests, fondly nicknamed the Onion (after the movie “Shrek”) and theRepository of Useless Information. He often finds himself having conversations or being consulted on assorted topics, from the mundane to the unpredictable. A recent example was NASA’s competition to design a lunar loo, forwarded to him by a friend who was convinced he was a shoo-in.

Despite his friend’s high esteem, Ben does not profess to have any qualification in Engineering, Physics, Design, or SpacePlumbing. He only holds a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master of Arts in English Studies

Coaching Style

Ben strives to be objective and non-judgemental, so that his clients may speak freely in a safe space. He is naturally inclined toward the Socratic Method, using intentional questioning to prompt people to reach their own conclusions. Asa coach, he feels great satisfaction whenever his clients uncover a link between seemingly unrelated points to achieve breakthrough “aha!” moments.

Personal Philosophy

One person knows you and your life best. That person is you.

Ben seeks to connect his clients with their own inner experts, empowering them to develop effective personalised responses to whatever challenges they face.