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Amy Tee | Collective Change Institute

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Life Coach, CCI

Amy Tee

– ICF Associate Cerfified Coach (ACC)
– Head of Brand & Marketing Southeast Asia
– BA (Hons) Business and Marketing


English, Mandarin

Professional background

A brand and marketing specialist with more than 20 years experience working with some of the most exciting global brands such as L’Oreal, Singapore Tourism Board, American Express and Visa International. Currently I’m heading the Southeast Asia marketing department at ICAEW.

The regional roles have taken me to many countries to manage businesses and also lead teams of people of diverse backgrounds. Being multilingual in English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese and a few local Chinese dialects has helped me connect and breakdown cultural and language barriers with people effortlessly.

The leadership role also opened many opportunities for me to mentor and help staff and co-workers, who were in different job functions and positions with their career and/or personal development. Many sought my guidance and advice when they faced challenges or conflicts at work.. It is a priceless fulfiment witnessing positive changes to individuals in their career and personal outlook.

This has prompted me to pursue professional training to be an ACC with the International Coach Federation in 2014 to equip myself with the right coaching competencies in order to aptly help others. I have recently volunteered to take on a coach role at ICAEW, and had since coached over 400 undergraduates in leading universities in the region on personal and career development.

Specialty & Expertise

Specialised in the area of personal development and career coaching where clients get to explore, navigate and discover what they set out to achieve. I believe that the self-discovery journey is both empowering and inspiring.

Personal Background

I personally believe that we only live once, so we have to experiernce everything once! Thus the love for adventures and exploring new activities. I was an avid diver and a wake-boarding enthusiast until my child came along. Nowadays active life has shifted to less ‘risky’ activities like painting, long walks and yoga. Although a fun-loving, sociable person, I have a quiet, introverted side.

I have achieved many things in life where people often times shun away or think it is impossible. My personal experiences and many life changing events enable me relate and connect with people with ease. Thus creating a trusting, comforable environment for sharing and openness. People finds it easy to confide in me when faced with challenging situation or relationships. Through this shared experience I was able to form many lasting friendships with people of different ages and life stages.

I am now a coach in training, pursuing the path towards being a professional life coach. My vision is to continue to help individuals fulfil their aspiration in life by making positive changes through coaching. Besides helping others I have also practiced my coaching skills on my toddler, helping her manage and reduce her emotions and to be more empathetic towards others. I have seen encouraging changes in her behaviour in private and social situations.

Coaching style

Personable, fun, honest and open.

Personal philosophy

Aspires to inspire others in making positive changes through coaching.