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Aiida Lee | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Coach, CCI

Aiida Lee

– Empathetic listening
– Strategic implementation
– Creative possibilities –



Professional background

Hello! I am a senior lecturer in a polytechnic based in Singapore. I have more than 7 years of experience teaching teamwork/collaboration, effective communication and presentation skills, as well as critical and narrative thinking to adult learners from diverse fields such as aerospace engineering, biotechnology, architecture and games design. I have spearheaded large-scale blended curriculum design and module coordination for more than 20 diploma programmes, and collaborate annually on staff capability development through the curation, organisation and facilitation of strategic training programmes for academic staff.

Qualifications: WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (Institute of Adult Learning), Masters in Public Policy, Post-graduate Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Arts.

Specialty & Expertise

  • Strategic communication/planning
  • Effective collaboration
  • Relationship building
  • Life and career up-levelling

Personal Background

Coming from a multicultural family, I embrace diversity and enjoy travelling, museums, tea, and hiking.

Coaching style

Coaching to me is about engaging in effective conversations that will lead to meaningful outcomes for the client. While transformative change is not an easy journey as it requires respect, integrity and commitment from both the coach and client, it’s a very rewarding experience. While my client is responsible for his/her decisions, goals and actions, I am the guide on the side, listening with empathy and without judgement, asking the tough questions that will help him/her clarify the problem(s) and inspire realistic and creative solutions.

I will also be my client’s accountability partner in our journey together by providing positive and constructive feedback and cheering my client on as he/she achieves the target milestones.

Personal philosophy

Coaching builds on my expertise in facilitating learning and empowering people. Education is about ‘e/ex’ (out) and ‘duco’ (I lead) so my personal mission for more than 10 years has been to create opportunities for people to develop a reflective growth mind-set, and discover their strengths so that they can lead meaningful lives and make impactful contributions to society.