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Agrias Fong | Collective Change Institute

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Apprentice Life Coach, CCI

Agrias Fong


English and Chinese


Fong has 15 years of experiences in the M&E industry, dealing with Project Management and contractor roles. He is also involved in the areas of marketing strategy, policy making and operation functions, staff training and development.

In his professional role, Fong has worked with individuals with diverse backgrounds, personalities and nationalities on numerous local and regional projects. And is often described by peers and friends as a trustworthy, rational and responsible person to approached for sharing of ideas and advises, be it on a professional or personal basis.

Fong believes that every individual has their own talent and can be developed to achieve their own pinnacle in life. He has been helping his peers and associates to discover their own strengths and provided advise to individual whom are looking for personal development.

Certifications & Awarding Body

  • Associate Certified Coach – in the process of getting certified in the next 6 months

Areas of Coaching

  • Career Development
  • Direction / Purpose
  • Friends & Peers
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Growth


Fong has participated in numerous projects both local and regional in the areas of Building & Construction, M&E, IT infrastructure, helping clients like Singapore Prison, Thomson Reuters, National University of Singapore etc.