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Collective Change Institute is Asia's leading coach certification and professional coach development program.

100k Change Movement

Our mission is to positively impact 100,000 lives through our graduate coaches, apprentice coaches and students who've walked through the doors of Collective Change Institute (CCI). Listed below are the testimonies of people who have been impacted. If you have been touched by any CCI coaches or students, please post your testimonial here .

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Collective Change Institute's Wall of Change

by Kim Ng on Joelle Kong

Six months ago, I started working with my personal coach Joelle Kong from Collective Change Institute. It was a truly transformative experience, a big step towards mental liberation, and I was very fortunate to find some of these answers within myself.

Sharing my most personal piece to date, and I hope it resonates with you (or anyone who has considered going through a coaching experience as well).


by Jamie on Namita Parikh

Namita is adaptable yet firm, friendly yet professional, honest yet tactful. She was able to relate most of what I shared and asks questions that will help me get better clarity on my issues at hand. Through my sessions with her, I’ve better identified my “blind spots” a lot better and am glad to have her as my coach through my learning journey. 🙂

by Weiying Sun on Tan Lee Chew

My coaching journey with Lee Chew started in 2020. By attending to the experience of each session, Lee Chew supported me to uncover my core challenge. Allowing deeper awareness and acceptance eventually send virtuous ripples into my different buckets of dreams and expectations. I recognise that, for myself, I am still a ‘WIP’ after this program and I am so happy that I’ve gotten to know Lee Chew through CCI! She helped me slay my inner dragon!

by Min on Desiree Tung

I am proud to have achieved my project objective with the accountability from my Coach – if left to my own devices I probably will still be procrastinating 😛 Our coaching sessions was a dedicated time for much needed internal reflection, I was happy that my Coach provided a safe space for me to articulate my thoughts. Desiree was a great sounding board and provided the encouragement & validation that I didn’t know I needed 🙂

by Eunice Chan on Namita Parikh

The coaching sessions helped me to reflect and gain realizations on the communication issues I was facing. My coach Namita’s powerful questions challenged me to find solutions for myself. With her coaching, I felt increasingly confident speaking to different people and exploring new opportunities.

by Huzaifah on Tan Lee Chew

Lee Chew is an amazing coach who has helped me clarify my goals, sharpen my strategies, and nudged me in taking active steps towards my own personal goals with significant positive outcomes.

With her welcoming and warm persona, Lee Chew makes me feel safe and comfortable as she facilitates conversations with questions and statements that are gentle yet critical. It made me reflect deeply about my ‘why’ in my personal and professional roles.

I especially benefited from her asking crucial difficult questions. Each time I attempted to answer, the response process gave me much insight and clarity about what is important to me and what are my assumptions/beliefs on the matter. Most importantly she facilitated and supported me as I try my best to concretise and operationalise my goals, ensuring also that I remain accountable and follow through with what I set out to achieve throughout the 7 sessions.

I took a leap of faith not knowing what coaching is about or how it works when I signed up for the C4C programme, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity, reaping significant positive outcome that will stay with me for the long haul. Thank you C4C.

by SK on Samantha Lai

In multiple sessions, Samantha was able to engage me with thought-provoking and soul-searching discussion. This was achieved via honest and direct questions, which was concluded with on-point observations. I also appreciate the hint/tug when I was faced with dead-end in some conversation. Overall, it was great experience which certainly opened my eyes on a number of things.

by Siang on Desiree Tung

Better at communicating my own feelings better, which results in more meaningful relationships. My coach helped me to see the blind spots and enabled me to create new habits to over come these blind spots.

by Zhen Wei on Desiree Tung

It is a change story on the management of my state and self, started from a trigger at work and a hard realisation, which prompted me to kickstart the journey through this coaching experience. For me, It was a platform of expression and pursuit of clarity, facilitated by my coach, in understanding myself so that I am better equipped to manage better.

by Joyce on Nuridah Lee (Aiida)

Through my coaching sessions with Aiida, i gained clarity and new perspectives of some issues I have been facing for many years. I had not been able to overcome these due to my fixation on certain beliefs that I held to be true. Aiida worked with me patiently over the weeks to delve deeper into these issues and interestingly, I realised something new about myself from each session with her. As a coach, Aiida gave me the space to explore how I wanted to solve my issues, she was also there to encourage me as I took my steps towards my milestones each week.

by SF Xu on Noemi Szalacsi

It was a particularly busy and stressful period and I was also struggling with a major transition for my business to make it more relevant for the new economy when I encountered the Collective Change Institute’s Coaching-For-Change programme. Although I had a hectic schedule, I found that meetings with Noemi always provided a space to pause and helped me to process what I was going through.

She assisted me to identify for myself the blindspots in my vision due to being in an “execution” mode all the time trying to get things done efficiently at work. I started to entertain possibilities for action that would have too quickly dismissed due to working with constraints of resources all the time. It felt liberating and audacious to give weight to the “best case scenario” even when looking at the cold face of reality. And when things got very dire indeed, I was able to turn the situation around for myself in the space of one week.

Right now, things are more settled and even while facing the challenges of the global Covid-19 situation, I feel steady inside and positive overall. My gratitude to Noemi for her time and patience walking along with me on this part of my life journey!

by Willie Keng on Noemi Szalacsi

I discovered more deeply about myself as a person. We initially wanted to build self-confidence as an outcome but I realized what I needed most was to unpack who the real me was. And Noemi was very patient in walking this journey with me. I felt that I have gained a lot as an individual. I inquired more about myself and have been more aware too.

by Benedetta B. on Noemi Szalacsi

Noemi is an extremely warm and committed coach, thanks to her patience and professionalism she helped me to find a clearer vision of my goals, boast my confidence and guide me toward a more fulfilling career. During the coaching sessions, she also helped me to learn a few techniques in order to improve my approach to projects and tasks.

Noemi is a great listener and I can definitely say that I found a real companion, aside the coach, in this journey of self-discovering. A big thank you to C4C for this opportunity too.

by Mike on Aileen Chee

Understanding your blind spots is certainly one of the steps that you need to take to improve your life.

by Johanna on Virginie Ducasse

My Coaching Project was about career planning and objectives. My coach helped me significantly to better understand my expectations and what I want to achieve. With challenging questions she encouraged me to think differently and to understand how I can use the current job to meet my career objectives. Thank you.

by Gloria on Leona

I engaged Leona when I was feeling a little off kilter in multiple aspects of my life. Both from a lack of purpose, and an existential crisis due to a difficult move. Leona’s cheerful enthusiasm and sharp questions helped me clarify my values and increase the sense of flow in my life. Thank you Leona!

by Maria on Seo Lay

I was about to embark on a major life transition while changing jobs. I was very scared of it and I felt like I needed help to make the transition smoother. I felt like I was powerless over my lack of daily routine, but now that I have established goals through the guidance of my coach, I feel very confident that I am able to not just transition well, but also live the life I want in my own terms.

I now feel more like a real adult and like a person who can make things happen. Seo Lay guided me throughout the journey and she always reminds me of why I am trying to achieve the goals I set. She made the journey towards a new life with routines smoother than what I expected. I am very grateful!

by Wini on Aileen

My friend introduced me to coaching sessions after she realised that I was encountering problems at work and personal life . Initially, I have no idea what coaching is all about. I decided to proceed ahead with the coaching sessions and it turns out that I have deeper understanding of my personal strengths and weaknesses and I managed to solve some of my work problems. The coaching sessions constantly reminded me on the important aspect/area that I should focus on.

by Zoe on Janice

Like many mothers, I had stopped working to look after my two children. With my kids entering childcare, I had wanted to do many things that I wanted to do for a long time, e.g. relook at fitness, decluttering of the home, start my own blog etc. I also started working part-time from home.

I was finding it hard to focus with so many priorities. Janice helped me to slow down and relook at what I have already accomplished and my strengths so far. She also encouraged me to take one step at a time. I slowly began to realise that I was trying to do too many things that it was hard for me to focus. Instead of trying to achieve everything, I tried to do what I can within a week or even a day. And instead of trying to do everything at one go, I tackle the big rocks first. I felt more confident as I start to feel progress and slowly begin to get more confident. Thanks Janice for helping me get a faster start on this new chapter in my life 🙂

by Thomas Smart on Leona

I was working on learning these last few months, a number of courses at SMU to improve myself as a consultant. Having leona as a life coach really helped me by talking through what i had learned and finding ways to apply it to achieve the goals for myself and my company.