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100k Change Movement

Our mission is to positively impact 100,000 lives through our graduate coaches, apprentice coaches and students who've walked through the doors of Collective Change Institute (CCI). Listed below are the testimonies of people who have been impacted. If you have been touched by any CCI coaches or students, please post your testimonial here .

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Collective Change Institute's Wall of Change

by Yue Ting on Tan Zheng Yi

I have a better understanding of my own behaviors and why certain choices are made. My Coach have assisted in guiding me to discover more abut myself and how we can go about changing the behaviors/actions. With this understanding, better choices can be made leading to a happier me!

by Barbara Yam on Nicola Harding

Within just a short 3 to 4 sessions, Niki was able to help me make sense of the big picture in my life: why I am doing the things that I do now, why I might be having second thoughts about some other things. Through our conversations, what is amazing was that I began to understand certain decisions I have made in my past, learned to let go of circumstances that I felt responsible but I could not have changed them no matter, and realise how the past events shaped my life and how they are subconsciously streaking into certain decisions I want to make into the future. I learned to be aware of some ingrained patterns in thought deep within my psyche and myself that might be subconsciously sabotaging me.

Looking back, it is like living years in days in terms of personal development and progress. Each session, Niki taught me to challenge my own fears. I feel spurred to go and confront the matter that had surfaced during our conversations which seemed scary to me at that point. I return with new findings about myself that are empowering in my life. Within these few months, I have never had my perspectives so deeply challenged and transformed.

I always believed that I have a positive outlook in life, but with all these coaching, my friends are telling me that for the first time, I look truly happy and at peace with myself.

Looking back, signing up for coaching is the definitive event in my 2018 and 2019. I am grateful I took that leap. I think anyone who is sure or unsure in their own lives should get coaching, because it always worthwhile to have someone hold you accountable or to serve as platform to bounce ideas. As such, I am looking forward to continue working with Niki even past these 7 sessions.

by Abbhinaya on Mai Rouveure

Decided to approach a coach because I wanted to work on a few areas in my life and was very fortunate to have Mai as my coach. The coaching started off with us working on a particular goal of mine which was to exercise more. Mai helped and guided me a lot in breaking down and forming achievable action steps.
I started to experience less anxiety during the times when things were not working out the way I initially planned. Instead, I was able to calmly go back to the drawing board with Mai and try something different. As the coaching progressed, we dove into the other changes I wanted to make in my life. Through this, I also became more confident and creative in the way I accomplished my weekly targets.
One thing I appreciated about Mai was how she helped me see things both individually and holistically. Having Mai as my coach has made me more equipped in tackling the bigger challenges in my life and I am very sure she would be able to do the same for others!

by Daphne Ong on Maybelline Tan

Maybelline did a great job. Thoughtful, understanding, expressive, punctual!

by Corliss Chong on Christina Aabye

I was quite reserved and not confident in myself. I was also at a loss about my life direction. Having a coach enabled me to see my blind spots and set action plans for myself. I find myself more confident aft the session

by Yvonne on Hazel Yeo

I had more self awareness of myself and able to realised the reason of my current state of behaviour was due to my growing up background. Time management was tough but having find small alarms n reminder made me be more independent of keeping on schedule.

by Victor on Jeffrey Lim

After going through the excellent coaching sessions, I realised the importance of building alliance to improve my stakeholder relationship as well as working to be more systematic and organized in my work

by Rabiah on Claire Wong

Claire was a patient coach and a great listener who gently probed me to seek deep within myself for the answers I needed for my life.

by Rabiah on Claire Wong

Claire was a patient coach and a great listener who gently probed me to seek deep within myself for the answers I needed for my life.

by Frederick on Christina Aabye

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I always thought I took bold action towards my goals. But the truth is that I always had a hedging mindset – and always kept a viable Plan B. It may have been my degree. It may have been an alternative project… and the worst part was that I didn’t know. These safety nets are easy to justify. They are easy for me to use as justifications for not going in 100% – for my fears of failure.

Now, I’ve realized that I need to go all in to live my dreams. It’s time to confront my fears. I’ve said it for a long time, but truly committing is what counts. And I thank Christina and C4C for everything.

Because without her support, it would have been difficult for me to realize my unconscious patterns. Without her support it would have been challenging for me to make the tough decisions. Without her support, I would have likely been left the same as I was, running the same unconscious patterns.

Now, investors have expressed interest in funding me, I’m building a dynamic team, and I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.

It’s scary, it’s exciting, but it’s living. And I’m forever humbled and thankful to the people who make a stand for our better selves. Thank you Christina, Lin and C4C.