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Case Study

Financial Services Team

“Finding Our Groove”
To establish a more bonded team who would find their groove all while having to adapt to the new business environment.

Case Study

Top Producing Agency Team

“Readying The Next Gen Leaders”
To create the team vision, obtain alignment and commitment of the leaders and ensure follow-through from the sessions into daily operations.


CCI was recommended to work with this team. This team is the top-producing agency team representing a renowned insurance organization. They are undergoing a rebrand to shift the focus away from the past leaders to empowering the new leadership team. There were 13 leaders all doing well on their own.


The study focuses on achieving the following outcomes,

The Intervention

1 pre-program assessment, 2 full day sessions, 1 month apart. 3 team coaches were deployed.

A pre-program assessment interview was conducted prior to the first team coaching day. In the first team coaching session, the interview findings were presented to the team. The team then were empowered to set their program objectives – how this program will move them towards this new future ahead.

The first day covered

The second day covered


The sessions helped the team step up powerfully into this new future and the roles they each play. The engagement turned ‘a group of 13 players’ into A TEAM.

With this in place, they have stepped up and are ready to run..

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