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A StartUp In Fund Raising Rounds | Collective Change Institute

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Case Study

Financial Services Team

“Finding Our Groove”
To establish a more bonded team who would find their groove all while having to adapt to the new business environment.

Case Study

A StartUp In Fund Raising Rounds

“It’s Make or Break”
To realign the leadership team and improve the business performance.


CCI was recommended to work with this team. They were a team of 3 working together for a couple of years on a business entity that had already raised their first round of funds and are in customer acquisition mode. With funds under their belt, they felt ready to tackle issues arising amongst the leadership team members.


The study focuses on achieving the following outcomes,

The Intervention

CCI structured a series of 6 team coaching sessions that stretched across 6 months.

The first 2 sessions were more structured to cover essential business-related topics, and the remaining 4 were focused on check-ins and pivotal coaching. 1 team coach was engaged to support this team of 3.

Subsequently, a team session was held on a monthly basis dedicated to checking in on how the team is performing and where they stand against both growth and performance goals.

Some topics addressed upfront included:

Examples of topics were:


By the end of the coaching, they had successfully completed their second round of fund-raising and had made some significant decisions in the business to keep it surviving for its next phase.

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