PCC Fast Track Program -

PCC Fast Track program

The PCC Fast Track consists of a series of Coaching Labs to support coaches who are applying for their ICF PCC Credentials

Training Dates

20 May 2023 - 31 Jul 2023
Open all year round
10 Hours
$ 2,400 (S$ 2,280 Alumni)
In-Person and Online
Have at least 60 hours of ICF-approved training


Coaching at the ICF PCC level is a jump from the ACC standard of coaching. It requires a robust demonstration of the ICF core competencies. Training, practice and constructive feedback are essential to advancing your coaching capabilities.

The PCC Fast Track is a 6 months program to support you in obtaining the competency needed to get you to your ICF PCC credential application*.

*PCC Fast Track provides 10 hours of ICF-approved training hours. This module is typically taken as part of the Advanced Coach Development Program. PCC Fast Track is available as a stand-alone module too.

PROGRAM Structure

The PCC Fast Track offers a unique blended learning format:

1) Coaching Labs

Consisting of small groups and like-minded, driven peers. Each lab focuses on refining your understanding and application of a crucial PCC-level competency. The aim of labs is to prepare you for the PCC assessment.

2) Self-Directed Learning

Assignments that get you nearer to coaching at the PCC standard, which include self-evaluation of your coaching against the ICF PCC markers.

3) Mentoring

These 4 hours of mentoring are your only available 1-on-1 time with a faculty member within the whole ACTP program. This is personalized support at its best, a space for you to examine and breakthrough challenges, growth ceilings, tackle questions and obtain honest feedback on your coaching performance.

4) Final Assessment

This will take place in the form of a coaching audio-recording submission. A CCI assessor will listen and evaluate your coaching against the ICF PCC markers, and provide a written report. Passing this assessment with CCI means you bypass evaluation by the ICF* , leading you to your PCC certification.

*Only applicable to CCI's ACTP students (who have clocked their full training requirements with us i.e. PCD (60 hrs) + ACD (70 hrs))

PROGRAM Timeline


What you get


The PCC Fast Track is currently only opened for alumni. You should be committed towards applying for your ACC within the next 12 months

Participants should commit minimally to 2 hours sessions of barter coaching (i.e. 4 hours) per month. Join with 100% dedication to your goals and be committed to your coach peers.

This is not paid program. As such it does not provide training or mentoring hours.

You may enroll in as many Fast Track Program as long as you meet the pre-requisites.

The webinars are offered only as a live session. No recordings will be released.

PCC Fast Track