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Tan Teng Nging

Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF)
Reiss Profile Master (IDS)
Process Work Associate (Process Work Institute)
Founder www.wonderfullpeople.com

Meet Tan Teng Nging


Meet Tan Teng Nging


Teng Nging has coached for 13 years with over 2400 hours of experience. She began mentoring and training coaches in 2007, with prior experience in developing curriculum and delivering training for ICF Accredited Coach Training Program. Outside of Singapore, she has practiced in the US in an international setting since 2013 and has taught coaching in China. She brings to coaching her specialty background in systems thinking and process-oriented psychology, non-verbal communication, Jungian psychology and change management with a focus on emergence.

Coaching Style

Transparent, liberating, perceptive, incisive, experiential, with a dose of quirky humor

Passionate About

The power of wonder; engaging and challenging people to think, feel, see, relate and experience beyond our usual modes. Free your mind, live your potency.


Directors, senior Finance personnel, organization heads, senior scientists, business owners, educators, doctors, artists.


Teng Nging has served as Research Fellow in public health research with the Medical Faculty, NUS. This period honed her ability to see the big picture and causal patterns, and impressed upon her the impact of *how* we ask questions. Meanwhile, her listening and sensing skills developed as she DJ-ed for her swing dance community. Her eventual dance injury became the crucial blessing in disguise, initiating her into the world of healing and transformative potential in human beings, humanistic sciences, and there’s no turning back since.