Complete Coach Development Program | Coach Certification Singapore | Collective Change Institute

Complete Coach Development Program | Coach Certification Singapore | Collective Change Institute

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  • ICF ACTP Coach Training Program
  • Led by Master Certified Coach
  • For new coaches looking to get Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials with ICF
  • Includes the Professional Coach Development (PCD) Program and Advanced Coach Development (ACD) Program
  • Over 130 hours of ICF-approved training hours

Training Dates

14 Jan 2023

8 Jul 2023

16 Sep 2023 onwards

10 Jan 2023



Program Overview

Collective Change Institute (CCI)’s complete coach development (CCD) program is for individuals who wish to be professionally certified coaches. ​

The CCD program is an accredited coach training program (ACTP) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and provides the pre-requisite for an individual to apply for ICF credential (ACC or PCC) via the ACTP credential application path. ​

Our ACTP curriculum is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) , the leading global organization for coaches with more than 22,000 members in over 100 countries. After successful completion of the CCD program, you can apply for your Associate Coach Credentials or Professional Coach Credentials via ICF which is recognized worldwide.​

Program Structure

The CCD program consists of the 2 parts:

(i) The Professional Coach Development (PCD) program and
(ii) The Advanced Coach Development (ACD) program. ​

CCD participants will complete the PCD program first before embarking on the ACD program.

Professional Coach Development (PCD) Program (6 months)

Advanced Coach Development (ACD) Program (6 to 8 months)

  • Module 1: Person-centric coaching
  • Module 2: Evolutionary Coaching
  • Module 3: Relationship Coaching
  • Module 4: Behavioural Coaching
  • Module 5: Life Work Coaching

Exclusive 360 Faculty Support

CCI’s professional coach development program supports your personal growth and development in coaching with a multi-layered faculty.


Our lead trainers lead the program training and they have at least 12 years of coach training experience and possess the qualifications and/or experience of an equivalent of a Master Certified Coach (MCC) or a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).


Throughout your coach training journey, you will be assigned a mentor coach who will work with you on your personal growth and change, to facilitate your transformation into an effective coach.
Our mentor coaches have at least 12 years of coaching experience and they possess the qualification and/or experience of a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).


Supervisor coaches guide you and your small group during breakouts, practicums and self-work. They work closely with you to work on your techniques and execution. All supervisor coaches are minimally a certified Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the ICF.


Dedicated program advisors will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you are pacing well as the program progresses. They will assist you with materials, logistics, payment details, participation details and any other challenges that you may face along the way.

Our Value Proposition

CCI’s professional coach development program supports your personal growth and development in coaching with a multi-layered faculty.

1. Get Trained By A Master Certified Coach (MCC)

CCI’s professional coach development program is personally led by our Master Certified Coach (MCC) Lin Tan, who has been training coaches since 2006. MCCs represent the top 3% of credentialed coaches world-wide, with only 10 in Singapore as of 2021.

2. Highly Experienced Faculty

CCI’s faculty of lead trainers and mentor coaches have been training since 2006 and have served hundreds of delighted clients and students across all business sectors, across the region. To date, we have delivered more than 10,000 hours of life and executive coaching, and trained more than 350 coaches from around the world.

3. Fast-Track Program For ACC Certification

In order to get certified by ICF as an Associate Certified Coach, an individual has to clock 100 hours of coaching experience, which often is the most common stumbling block to certification. CCI is one of the only organisations to provide a client body-so that our coaches can find clients and clock the hours for completion.

4. Small Class Size, Close Supervision And Blended Learning

We keep our cohort sizes intentionally small and intimate. This allows close supervision by our faculty, yet at the same time allows for optimal interaction and diversity. CCI boasts one of the lowest faculty-to-student ratios in the region and this ensures your progress and growth as a coach.

5. Diverse Student Body

Learn from a thoroughly diverse student body with rich experiences. Our cohorts are a potpourri of diversity with different nationalities, age groups, professional background and life experiences.

6. Opportunities after Graduation

The PCD journey doesn’t just end at graduation. For many of our students, they walk away with a community and support network of coaches. We offer students various opportunities including:

(i) Joining as a faculty understudy
(ii) Joining our professional coach panel
(iii) Participating in our advanced programs
(iv) Or joining our alumni community events

ACC Fast Track Program (Life-Time Support for Alumni)

This program is offered as a complimentary program for CCI alumni. Collective Change Institute (CCI)’s ACC Fast Track pathway is for committed coaches who wish to progress to the ICF ACC level.

This 6-month fast track features a peer and faculty supported accountability structure consisting:

Our Testimonies

Hear what our students have to share about their experience.

The PCD programme went beyond my expectations in the depth and breadth of theory and practice. The learning was intense but immensely satisfying.

Chris Howell

This program is worth twice the money for just the coaching you will receive. On top of that you learn to coach as well. Greatly enjoyed the journey and support from Faculty and the Peer group.

Arno Bajon

The coaching course is well structured to guide aspiring individuals to develop the relevant skills and mindset to be successful coaches. The faculty is knowledgeable and approachable to support the trainee coaches to start off on the right path for personal and professional growth.

Daphne Chan

It has been a personal growth journey as you discover and learn more about yourself as you coach others. Definitely walked away with more than just coaching skills!

Veronica Loh

“This helps me create more meaningful relationships…”

Before I joined this program, I’m a very fact-driven person. I listen for facts all the time. However after this program, I’m better able to listen out for emotions from my family and loved ones. 

Wysen Kwek

“The faculty is very warm and knowledgeable.”

When I first met the faculty at the weekend, everyone was so interactive and helpful. I’ve never experienced a training program where the student to faculty ratio is so low. It speaks of the amazing effort put in to help us learn.

Audrey Wong

“I learnt the power of empathy and active listening so that the client can open up and be truthful”

The weekend is very energetic! The environment was powerful and everyone stepped up to progress from listening, to learning from coaching and being coached.

Sylvie DeGeorge

“It had help me to open up new avenues in my coaching approaches and lifted my overall experience when interacting with people as well.”

ACD challenges who I already am as a coach and as a person. It was an intensive journey and yet satisfying.

Kiang Khiang

“The ACD programs has not only helped me grow as a person, and at same time advanced me to a new level as a professional coach..”

My decision to continue my learning as a professional coach with CCI taking part in the ACD program was one my best decision for many reasons.

John Nielsen

“It was a challenging and fun learning curve.”

The PCC Coaching program is worth twice the money for just the coaching you will receive. On top of that you learn to coach as well. Greatly enjoyed the journey and support from Faculty and the Peer group.

Arno Bajon

It was a truly memorable 6 months journey with CCI where I’ve encountered the most passionate and energetic bunch of trainers who were always there to guide us as we went through the transformation, and a privilege to be trained by 1 of 7 MCC coaches in Singapore, Ms Lin Tan.

Lee Thong

I did the coach training with CCI and got so much more than I expected. The faculty is welcoming, extremely helpful and always available to help. Thanks to the excellent teachers, CCI has created a rich, diverse, vibrant community dedicated to use coaching as an amazing tool of change. The peer to peer support is extremely strong.

Brigitte Cukierman

CCI well exceeded my expectations and all the faculty members are committed, helpful and generous in sharing their knowledge and experience. I have gained tremendously through the programme and it has been a life changing experience to me.

Bobo Tse

PCD built in me the discipline of listening, ACD built in me the discipline of the ICF Core Competencies.
PCD taught me to ask effective questions, ACD taught me to ask effective and efficient questions.
PCD enabled me to hear and see the emotions, ACD enabled me to hear and see the unsaid.

Audie Ugalino

This course is transformative. you learn how to coach, be coached, and in the process you learn a lot about yourself and others. and you gain a skill that is useful in work and life.

Sheila Town


Darryl Loh

VP Sales & Marketing

Jerome Louis

Anna Cailini

Chief Operation Officer

Sumit Nurpuri

Investment Director

Eva Weber

Sourcing Advisor

Sahar Niazi

Head of Sales

Lee Norton

Industry Advisor

Farhana Sidek


Benny Chung


Bryan Tio


Chun Yue

Director, Human Capital


Coach Trainers​

Lin Tan

Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF)
Mentor Coach (ICF)
Reiss Profile Master (IDS)
Coaching with ROI Practitioner (WBECS)
ICF Global ‘Young Leaders Award’
Finalist President Elect, Singapore ...

Tan Teng Nging

Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF)
Reiss Profile Master (IDS)
Process Work Associate (Process Work Institute)
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) Founder, Wonderfullpeople...

Jada Seet

Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF)
Executive Committee Member, ICF Singapore
Founder, Just Enjoy Life Coach, Fleek Image,
Parkor Pte Ltd Associate Coach & Coach Supervisor Collective...

Lim Pei Ying

Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF)
Certified Finance Analyst, CFS
Institute Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, APAC & MEA
Director of Talent Development, Collective Change Institute Associate Coach &...

Xing Jian

Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF)
Founder & Communication Strategist, STARCHY
Associate Coach, Coach Trainer & Mentor, Collective Change Institute

Eugene Sim

Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF)
Digital Advisor, NUS
Global Alumni Co-Founder, Conversion Hub
Director of Partnerships, Collective Change Institute
Associate Coach & Coach Trainer, Collective Change...

Jim Livingstone

Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF)
Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Caoch Certified
Global Leader of the Future 360 Assessment Certified Everything DiSC Practitioner
EMBA, Quantic School of Business & Technology

Olga Sych

Certified Coach Practitioner
Trainer, Collective Change Institute
Digital Marketing & Leadership, Google Standford University Graduate
School of Business ESSEC Business School

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The Complete Coach Development Program includes:

Complete Coach Development Program