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September 23, 2017by collective-admin

Use this tool to help team members identify the support they’ll need as they work towards their goals.We can all get excited about our goals when we're interested in what we're doing, and when we're getting plenty of support and encouragement from the people around us.So, how can you guide your team members so that they develop goals they'll be genuinely interested in for the long term? And how can you help them create strong networks of people who will give them support?One way to do this is with the POSITIVE model of coaching – an eight-step framework that you can use to develop highly motivating goals with your people. About the POSITIVE ModelVincenzo Libri developed the POSITIVE Model of Coaching and published it in his 2004 article, "Beyond GROW: in Search of Acronyms and Coaching Models."

March 22, 2017by collective-admin

Executive coaching is a customised development process for an executive that is aimed at accelerating performance and results, usually in the area of management and/or leadership. Executive coaches work intimately with the executive to find, and constantly perform, from that sweet spot between managing self and engaging others.Some of the career and leadership needs an executive coach could help you with:Building a synergistic and effective team Getting along with your peers and bosses Managing your board as a new CEO Learning to lead former peers Change of business direction or culture Business strategies and innovation Improving your sales pitch and results Handling an existing team conflict Dealing with high-stress levels Improving communication Managing more effectively Speaking persuasively Driving results and productivity An executive coach is best at understanding of how people, relationships and behavioural change work in an organisation and is trained to quickly grasp your situation. Your coach works intimately with you to challenge assumptions and choices, and call forth practical ideas that he/she will hold you accountable to implement.